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Searching for authenticated Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata?

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss some best creative writing courses held in Kolkata most importantly some suitable suggestions for Creative Writing Courses and workshops. Go on and choose the correct one by learning and comparing the advantages and opportunities provided by them.

Kolkata is the heart of Eastern India. It was the capital of British India. The city is famous because of its livelihood, unparalleled literacy, and eminent regional film industry.

From the time of the British period, the city has created many great scholars and social helpers. Those leaders, with their glorious presence, have made the city a place of wonder for all its lovers.

The beauty of Creative Writing

Opportunities in Kolkata

There are several ‘Creative Writing’ courses in Kolkata as writing is a natural delight for most of the people. Since Kolkata is famous for the ‘Film Industry’, the art of ‘Creative Writing’ takes an important place over here. ‘Creative Writing’, so far is immensely related to the filmmaking procedure.


Many people are getting chances to be attached to the film industry. Through the help of creative writing, they are getting scope to nourish their careers in one way or another.

Kolkata Film Industry is well known both for featured and art-based films. Those films won the heart of the audiences following prestigious awards and recognition. They gained popularity both inside and outside India. This worldwide fame attracts many individuals to be attached to the film industry through ‘Creative Writing’.

Importance of Creative Writing in the Film Industry

In films, screenwriting plays a major role. It is responsible for describing the plot, the pacing, the narration, the characterization, and the setting of the film. The creative writer plays a pivotal role in incorporating natural touches to the story. That too in a way so that the audience can easily relate to the characterization and the story they are looking for.


The zeal for writing is the first and foremost element that leads an individual to shape and organize his/her thinking through a couple of relevant phrases and rhythmic sentences. To develop this interest, there is a list of ‘Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata’.

Creative thinking is not only knowing proper grammatical applications or good vocabulary. Vocabulary can indeed help us to say things in different ways but Creative writing is a skill.


Creative Writers have the potential to present their thoughts and imagination in such a colorful and relevant way that the entire passage seems to be lively to its readers or the target audiences for whom they are playing with the pen.


Creative Writing is time-consuming. The more you practice the more you learn. Every person has their definition of creativity. Therefore their perspectives and thinking towards creativity are different. Every person takes hints either from their life expressions or their own opinions while portraying their creative work.


But all kinds of Creative writing including a poem, painting, fiction, non-fiction, etc provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to the writer. But you don’t need to be a creative professional to get the advantages of creativity.


Advantages of Creative Writing


  • Foster Imagination


While writing, Creative Writers think of different circumstances, situations, outputs, or behaviors. This helps to foster their imagination powers. But how come it is an advantage?


Imagination plays a key role as far as creative writing is concerned. They both are required in almost all technical jobs. There is a misconception that programming has nothing to do with creativity. But it can solve complex problems related to the products or projects they are working for. Creative writers always possess a quality to think ‘out of the way’.


This type of unique thinking is responsible for finding suitable solutions to complex problems. Problems are a part and parcel of every kind of job. Most of the time the solutions are not up to the mark and we have to come up with new ideas and opportunities to deal with the same. Due to the problem-solving capacity, Creative writers play an important role and therefore considered to be an asset for the companies they are working with.


  • Tension or Stress Buster


The modern world entirely relies on complex coding languages and scrutinizing and analyzing a large number of databases. Therefore working has become a tedious and tiresome process for most of the people resulting in stress, confusion, and complexities. 


Involving in creative activities like Creative Writing can boost up the energy level resulting in relaxation and stress built up.


Creative Writing is beneficial for emotional, physical, psychological health. As per the results, ‘Creative Writing’ and ‘Meditation’ have similar benefits to human life. Therefore, Creative Writing proves to be a stress buster or tension reliever nurturing and caring for the physical as well as mental health of the individuals.


  • Communication Skill/Skill to communicate with others

Creative Writing also helps in improving communication skills. Creative writing and communication are related to each other as far as professional success is concerned. Even in highly professional services like IT, Data Analysis, Creative Designing, communication, and relevancy is considered a major skill.

Creative writers are those who can understand the situation around them. They can observe and analyze things from various perspectives. It is because of this quality that they are able to think from other’s perspectives.


  • Diction, Voicing & Pronunciation

Writing also helps in the proper articulation of sentences and the relevant outcome of thoughts. Reading words on paper seems to be easy but the implementation of relevant and appropriate phrases by turning them from feelings into words is not an easy task. Most people couldn’t achieve expertise in it. To achieve ultimate command on it, One needs to practice a lot to improve creative skills.


The ability to express is so important to learn that most of the schools organize specific activities or workshops to develop the expression of thoughts. Those who didn’t learn this skill in their school life will have to opt for various professional courses to learn the technicalities of creative writing from top graded prestigious institutions.


With the help of creative writing, people can express their thoughts in a more innovative and meaningful way. They learn that from an authoritative perspective to gain more respect and admiration from others. To accomplish this goal, a person needs to have a strong grasp of the language.

  • Implementing Thoughts in Creative Writing


With the beauty of versatile writing, people learn how to channelize their thoughts in the right direction. Creative writing defines the way of implementing and organizing thoughts through suitable words and decorative sentences putting extra importance on the specific sections that need to be highlighted.


Many irrelevant topics come to our mind whenever we are ready to give it a try. For example, whenever you are going to write a newspaper article, your writing should be based on factual knowledge without much exaggeration. All you need to do is to emphasize the proper structure of your article. The most important information needs to be exposed right at the beginning and the secondary opinions or source of information slowly came later.


The power of writing can make a boring topic quite attractive and interesting. For example, programming is something which is considered as a boring thing to be performed. But nowadays, with the help of creative writing, people are making the entire process very interesting and easy to perform for all its users.


  • The ability to empathize with the feeling of others in creative Writing


People can empathize with the help of writing. They can see things from other points of view and better recognize their problems. Studies have shown that emotional quotient is very much needed for professional success in the field of creative writing. A high emotional quotient makes perfect and better leaders.


  • Understanding the technicalities of Creative Writing


People need to understand the technicalities of creative writing and ways to implement it before publishing their works before working as a full-time professional writer. They have to understand the way to beautify their plots. Creative writers must know different types of ‘Creative Writing’ and ways to apply the same with utmost sincerity.


Writing is the only remedy to get rid of writing-related issues. With the help of practicing people can grow better even best in the Creative Writing part.


With the help of writing, people can learn various aspects of writing style like flow, narration, characterization, suspense, humor, and so on. Therefore, writing is the only way to develop writing skills.


  • Confidence Booster


Developing confidence is the most important benefit of writing. As they write more and publish their writings on social media, they get feedback, likes, and appreciation. Appreciation is important because this helps to enhance the dedication of a creative writer.


When they get appreciation, it boosts their confidence level. As a result of which creative writers started believing in themselves and developed their confidence in the same. They develop a voice of their own which can be easily heard and felt as well. Just like an expert, they feel more comfortable in expressing their views, opinions in general.




A huge number of businesses are going online in recent days. Even in India, high-speed internet technology has reached even remote towns and villages. As a result of which many small or medium businesses are flourishing days by day having a website, social media page, digital marketing sites, and so on.


The trend has now reached out to such a point where thousands of companies are competing with each other on the same ground.



With ordinary marketing communication, it is not possible to create a strong brand. Without building a strong brand in this competitive market, a brand new company can’t survive and become popular within a short period.


Branding needs to be unique, relevant, and attractive to break the clutter of today’s advertisements. With the help of innovative technology and various ways of communication, brands can create an irreplaceable image in the market.


In the era of content writing, the most relevant way to create a brand image is to produce creative content. Creative content is an amalgamation of storytelling, writing style, pace, rhythm, and so on.

Creative Writing means producing content, not in the usual or boring way but through relevant, related, and interesting touches so that it can attract its target audience. Readers are somehow forced to read the content until the climax. This reduces the bounce-back rate and increases the perception of quality on the search engines.


Importance of Branding in Creative Writing


In the present day, there is an increasing demand for quality content to stand out. There are several blogs on the internet having more than ten billion webpages. One Google search shows several pages at a go. Brands need to make an effort to be up in the search results so that they can be reflected at the top in the search results whenever the users want to see the relevant details.


Here, the creative writers are especially on-demand to make the entire process very easy, smooth, and effective for the brands they are working with. To perform this task with ease, one needs to be very experienced.

This challenge can be overcome by lots of practice and enrolling in authenticated ‘Creative Writing Courses’.




Among various ‘Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata’, there are a few renowned institutions that offer quality Creative Writing Courses which help the students to learn the essentials of Creative writing with every minute details that need to be taken care of. Few popular institutions in Kolkata are:



IIM SKILLS as a good Creative Writing Training Institute


IIM SKILLS is a reputed Digital Marketing Institution where both digital marketing and content writing courses are taught with immense care and utmost sincerity. This institute has trained more than 6000 professionals over 35 countries.

The IIM SKILLS content writing course is very helpful and authenticated. To make students understand the methods of user-friendly engagement, the course uses the storytelling method. The course offers ample opportunities for the students to clear their doubts, enlightening them about various elements of compelling storytelling for branding purposes.

The duration of the course is 1 month. In this period, they offer 16 hours for theory classes and 60 hours for practical classes. This is an in-depth course. The classes are held as per the schedule shared by them. This is one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata.

The course deals with hands-on experiences from real brand stories. All students are asked to perform on live projects that too within a stipulated timeline. All students are advised to start their blogs so that they can practice whatever they have learned during the training in their blogs.

Session Details:

The total course is divided into 12 parts. Each module deals with one important skill regarding content/creative writing. 

The first session deals with how to start a website, a blog, and how to host a website. In this session, students come to know about various types of hosting. In the second session, students learn about various UI and UX design principles on website design. Together, these two sessions teach students how to create a functional and presentable website.


The third session teaches students about different writing styles for more advanced communication. It includes content for blogs, ad copy, product description, corporate communication, emailers, press releases, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

In the next session, candidates learn the technicalities of content marketing. This includes SEO(Search Engine Optimization), both on-page & off-page. Here students learn how to increase the domain authority. This helps in improving rankings on the Google Search Result page.

The fifth and sixth sessions deal with social media and how to get more traffic to the content. It helps the students to understand the nature and use of various social media platforms. This helps in more engagement in the form of clicks rates, shares, and links clicks.

The next session deals with digital marketing analytics and how to evolve a better strategy. Students learn SEO, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, trend analysis, ranking essentials, and many other necessities.

Advantages in Creative Writing offered through this Course :

 In this module, candidates also learn about aspects of storytelling. They come to know how to build better brand communication by creating engaging and relevant blog content and social media presence.

At the end of the course, students learn how to get employment as professional Creative/Content writers. Sometimes, students get the opportunity to work as freelancers or get placement assistance. They learn skills like client pitching, prospecting, onboarding, etc.

 All students get an internship opportunity at IIM SKILLS for 3 months. Students get access to free tools worth Rs. 32k.

 All batches are currently online so anyone can apply and pursue the course in Kolkata without hampering their own work schedule.

 For candidates interested to incorporate creative elements from storytelling into content marketing, this is the best course.


Indira Gandhi National Open University

Ignou University for Creative Writing Course

Indira Gandhi National Open University is not only one of the largest projects in the world but also provides certification courses over 230 courses including diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and certifications in various disciplines.

IGNOU provides a 1-year Diploma course in Creative writing. Among all other institutions, this is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Kolkata since IGNOU has a regional center in Kolkata.

 There are some basic criteria to be eligible for this course like the applicant needs to have passed 10+2. But for candidates with  20 years of age or above, these criteria are not present.

The course provides basic and essential writing skills for creative professions like TV production, radio, films, and so on. The candidate can work as a scriptwriter or content writer. The curriculum of the course is designed and maintained by experts in the field.

Benefits of Creative writing

The course helps us to understand the technicality and creativity in various forms of writing. The introduction of minute details about creative writing proceeding from easy knowledge to the complex one is the key feature of this course. It helps us to understand the principles of fiction writing. Students also came to know how to write and what to write for their target audiences. The course is credit-based and students have to score a minimum number of credits to receive the diploma.

British Council, Kolkata

Importance of British Council in Creative Writing

The British Council is a reputed organization for learning all about the English language. This organization is responsible for promoting cultural events between different nations and helps in exchanging pieces of information. It is operational in more than 100 nations. 


The British Council has various courses related to language and there are separate courses for kids, adults, and businesses, and officials. The creative writing course from the British Council is one of the most famous creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course teaches all the technicalities related to creative writing including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, story writing, blogging, screenplay, and so on.


After completing the course, students receive lessons on how to publish the articles and starting work as a screenwriter. The total course duration is 50 hours altogether. The maximum batch strength is 20.

 The only important criterion related to admission is that students need to submit an original piece of creative writing as an assessment.

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

The prestigious film and television institute teaches various full-time courses for instance in direction, cinematography, editing, music, creative writing, photography, and other disciplines in film production.

SRFTI’s creative writing courses in Kolkata is the ‘Screenwriting Workshop’. The course takes place for 4 weeks overall. There are 24 lectures altogether.


The course basically deals with film-related writings. For instance, over the course, discussions on various films take place along with the merits and demerits of each movement. Various experimental and art films show the minute necessities of creative writing.


Amit Chaudhuri’s creative writing workshop

Amit Chaudhuri’s creative writing workshop is one of the most reliable and trustworthy names among the best content writing agencies. This workshop provides the most prolific solutions in creative writing. Some of their features are hard work, innovation, creativity, punctuality, and patience. The institution helps its students to solve the problems and meet all demands as raised by them.




In conclusion, it can be said that Kolkata is the place where some of the best creative writing courses in India take place.. Nowadays Creative Writing courses are of great demand either for a short-term content marketing purposes or for a full-time course as a successful creative writer.


Mostly renowned and skilled experts are responsible to conduct these classes. Most of them are professionals, who have achieved mastery in creative writing by gaining numerous awards and recognition, for their contribution to the industries they are working for.


Therefore persons aiming to focus on their careers as ‘Creative Writers’ can flourish in their path not only through sincere dedication but also by making the right choice at the right time. If candidates opt for the right course, it can fling their career forward and save months and even years of struggle.

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