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Is Content Writing a good Career?

There’s parcel of buzz around content writing, but there’s moreover a parcel of perplexity. It’s difficult to figure out precisely how the career in content writing is, why it can be important, and how it ought to be executed.

Career in Content Writing


To be frank writing content is an art and you’ll undoubtedly build an illustrious career around this talent. But I don’t need you to restrain yourself with words such as “career” and “job”. The magnificence of this talent is that it can be developed and connected notwithstanding your location, gender, age, and stage of life you’re in. You should make the foremost of this great opportunity and see how you’ll be able to extricate the foremost esteem out of it.

Content Writing is one of those skills in today’s world where extraordinary composing expertise is required. It all encompasses the imaginative level of thoughts that shows a fantastic briefing in the written form of perception. Being a part of writing, content writing is something that has to be new and interesting and eventually well drafted.

Content Writing is rapidly rising as a profitable career alternative for numerous. With the advancement of technology, the requirement for good content writer and management is expanding by leaps and bounds.

To start your career in content writing you must be ready to accept unending openings and challenges. Content Writers have forever been in demand. With the emergence of the internet, the requirement for outstanding writers has magnified manifold. While a career in content writing is exceedingly competitive, there are various occasions where fruitful writers have made a fortune out of their profession.

Who Can make a  career as Content Writer?

Anybody can develop a good career in content writing. To become a writer, you do not need a degree or educational credentials.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to work on a full-time premise, you ought to at least be a graduate as the companies usually hire graduates or postgraduates. Having a postgraduate degree or a degree in English literature is like a cherry on the cake to become a writer. Be that as it may, anybody can create a free career in Content Writing and can earn a better than average wage independent of their educational background.

You can grow into a writer of content in any language. If you’re good at Hindi for example, you can write content in Hindi. When you know more than one language, you too can become an interpreter. The demand for content writers and interpreters is persistently developing with the expanded entrance of the internet.

Content writers need to know how to use a variety of writing and publishing programs like Microsoft Office, G Suite, and WordPress to be effective in that role. Strong attention to detail is important, and the ability to work under pressure.

To start your career in content writing, firstly brush up your writing skills and begin your journey of writing.

Skills required for Content Writing as your Career option

To begin your career in content writing, there are few areas of expertise where you would like to need to be fruitful other than fair being an awesome writer. So, here are some fundamental skillsets that any good content writer ought to have and proceed to sharpen over their career.

 1)Knowing your reader

Communication may be a two-way action and any writer who overlooks any one of the ways and composes deliberately without knowing anything about the reader could be a floundering author. It’s like firing an arrow without a target if you don’t know who you’re writing about or who your audience is. To commence your career in content writing, you must have the ability to identify your reader and its field of interest. You would like to conduct a study and research on your audience, a bit like marketers do, by employing a buyer’s persona and different methodologies.

You should be knowing what exactly you want to say. Understanding the requirements of your readers and having the ability to align your content within the same manner desired by your audience and readers is one in all the foremost necessary factors and a tremendous ability in being a decent content author.

In case you’re lost and are incapable of specific a sentence to your reader, at that point be guaranteed simply most likely still don’t know what you’re writing about. To overcome this, you wish to be extraordinary along with your expository and communication abilities. You wish to know how you’ll be able to pass on the thoughts in your head and clarify the significance between them.

Your Content should always be original, never copy-paste the content of others. Your ideas and the word should always be original and unique not because of reader’s demand but for SEO purposes also.

 2) Good Research Skills

Good research is necessary for writing good content- it adds quality and above all, interest. It is thus necessary to find accurate and relevant information online from trustworthy sources. Specialists are particularly incredible assets on the off chance that you’ll successfully get the correct data with great interviewing skills. Resaerch Skills

To start your career in content Writing it doesn’t matter whether we’re alluding to keyword research, subject research, niche research, or some other research you just have to be compelled to stay patient while not obtaining hyperactive, as a result of analyzing the net. Doing research is not a simple task and often can be boring and frustrating.


3) Sourcing Information and Reference

The reader can only believe as long as you have right and reliable facts, what your content says. You must be courageous sufficient to interface your content with its unique sources and to say them wherever required. This could be done by external linking.

4)Knowing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To build your career in content writing one must have a solid understanding of SEO. Superb content writers remain at the forefront of SEO trends – even the best content is not successful if readers can’t discover it. You must know how to choose the correct keywords, applying appropriate headings and subheadings, tagging images accurately, and writing killer meta descriptions can all serve to present your posts that tiny further boost once ranking on search engines like Google.

5) Language Proficiency

To start your career in content writing you must have good command over your language. You ought to have excellent grammar, vocabulary and spellings, and the construction of sentences. Not solely is that this is the real premise of excellent writing however additionally the shortage of it diminishes your believability.

If your language skills are weak, no need to worry there are plenty of resources online form where you can take the training courses.

6)Use of Social Media

In the current era, Social Media is a platform for meeting different people from all over the world. Many entrepreneurs use social media as a whole market to reach out to their customers.

Social media marketing is a strategy that most bloggers and businesses utilize for advancing their products and services, as well as their content.

Content that goes viral on social media has expanded the chances of coming to the aiming target gathering of people. Also, content that’s prevalent on social media tends to appear in search engine search results.

Apart from the valuable tool for content marketing, it is also a great way to build personal relationships with the target audience and help us to know them better. To create valuable content, it is very important to know your target audience.

7)Being Persistent

As a career in content writing, you can work as a freelancer or as an employee in any company, you need to be determined with your writing. Sometimes, you may feel frustrated or get bored of writing and feel not to write and during those times you might quit the project in the middle.

But, for somebody who needs to be a proficient content writer, typically something you fair have to endure through to overcome it. If you stop constantly in the middle of your tasks, you will not succeed, so you must possess the ability to meet new obstacles and meet the unexpected.

8)Creating Thoughts and Grabbing Attention

To be a good writer you should be clear about your thoughts. Generating ideas is a very challenging task in the present time. Your thoughts should be clear on the topic in which you are going to write.

Not everybody can come up with modern thoughts that trigger the minds of readers and get their consideration. But that being said, you ought to never be perplexed of coming up short with the thoughts you are doing have. Continue conceptualizing them and after that analyze which ones were well-accepted by the readers and which ones went viral by implies of a shared trigger.

You must know how to use attention-grabbing techniques for your articles or blog.

9) Editing and Altering Capacities

To make your career in content writing you must always be ready to rectify and improve your work, it is a good quality of any writer. After you have completed your writing take a short break and re-check your content without bias.

Checking for the errors in your content takes a lot of time and patience you might think that you can use this time in some other productive way but you have to give time to review your content.

You need to think from the reader’s point of view who can identify the mistakes. Through doing so, you end up with error-free content not just from a grammatical point of view, but also from one’s ideas.

10)Communication Skills

To some people writing is an art, to others, it is an important means of communication. Good communication skills help you to convey your thoughts in a better way. If you want to build your career in content writing you need to improve your communication skills because of the high demand for content writers in the market.

You should know the best way to connect with your readers. Whether it’s by including pictures, infographics, recordings, or insights. you wish to do it since eventually, you need to communicate what you’re considering in the most perfect way possible. Many readers understand better through reading, others through listening, and some by watching. You need to make sure you have a range of reader forms to keep your contact alive.

11)Time Management

When you think to start your career in content writing you should be ready to manage your time in the most effective and productive way. If you are running your blog or if you are working as a freelance, in both time management is very important. You should be able to manage your time efficiently and organize your task and meet your targets whether it is set by you or by your client.Managing Time

The clients have deadlines that you need to follow. The prompt delivery of high-quality content would prove you are not only competent but also reliable. This means effective time management is important to help you decide objectively how many jobs you can accept, refuse, and produce on time.


12)Making Calls to Action

Calls to Action (CTAs) are one of the foremost nonexclusive ways to seize client consideration and increment viewership. A good content writer ought to know how to form locks in CTAs which incite clients to reply willingly.

Opportunities in Content Writing as a profession

To start your career in content writing, all you need is a passion for learning and writing and ready to do hard work to achieve your goals. Here are some career opportunities in content writing which can help you to understand your field and help you to achieve it.

1)Blog Writing

A blog is an online journal or informational website where writers can share their thought and views on the world. It is the platform where you can express yourself to your audience. It is your website which you are going to update regularly and share your content. But there’s tough competition in this field.

To make your appearance as the blogger you need to be good at writing and expressing your thoughts on any topic. Once you are a long-time blogger you will be able to earn money by promoting various brands to the audience and it also ensures your presence online.

2)Article Writing

Article writing is meant to provide information to the reader. Articles focussed on giving answers to the reader’s questions, solve issues, and provide the reader with data information.

Suppose if anyone searches in google for its query then the article provides complete information on the searched topic to its audience.

The articles allow the company to provide a reader with well-explored and detailed answers backed by data on their product-related issues.

3)Website Content Writing

Website Content writing is focussed on providing company information. A Website Content writer is an individual who specializes in giving relevant content for websites. Each site incorporates a particular target gathering of people and requires the foremost important content to attract customers for their business.

It illuminates the reader of what the company is around and traces what products and services the company offer. some of the pages on the website incorporate the Homepage, about us, FAQs, and contact us pages. Website Content Writing is used by the company to set up credibility.

4)Copy Writing

Copywriting is the method of composing promoting limited time materials. Copywriters are capable of the content on brochures, announcements, websites, emails, notices, catalogs, and more.


Copywriting is a form of powerful composing that’s utilized to persuade clients and readers to require a specific activity such as a tap on an interface, buy anything, subscribe to a pamphlet, etc. Awareness of customer behavior and marketing is important for copywriting.

The Copywriting sector is booming right now as more and more brands are turning to e-commerce and establishing an online presence, so it is one of the better opportunities where you can make your career in content writing. Since having an online site moreover makes a quick and squeezing requirement for quality content, brands around the nation and the world are enlisting proficient copywriters at stunning rates.

5) Academic Writing

Many companies that deal with education academic writers are a big asset for them.

Academic writing is a formal writing style that is used in universities and academic publications. Academic writers mainly deal with the assignments, dissertations, book drafting, and curriculum of the students.

To start your career as an academic writer, you need to be an expert at least one subject. If you want to be a freelance academic writer, then the experience of referencing style and quotes in the text is of utmost importance because it will help you obtain more assignments and referral clients.

6)SEO Writing

SEO Writing is the process by which material is organized, generated, and optimized with the critical objective of positioning in search engines. It is the implementation of keyword and key phrases within web content. It is mostly used to increase organic exposure to sites.

This is the simplest form of writing. A larger part of clients will inquire about you fair two things: the content must be unique and 100% copyright infringement free, and keywords must be embedded properly. As a fresher when you stary your career in content writing you can start by writing SEO articles that can improve your writing skills.

7)Technical Writing

To make complicated material easier to comprehend, Technical Writer uses their writing and communication skills. They are important to run a business that focuses on technology and can enable businesses to better understand their success and enhance.

Technical writers produce technical documents, including instruction handbooks, user manuals, journal articles, short guides, and white papers. Developers can also build more popular content styles, including social media messages, media correspondence, and web pages.

They break down complex specialized items into easy-to-understand guides that offer assistance to the end-user to get it how to use the product. They are subject matter specialists that frequently have an instructive foundation in specialized areas.

8) Business Writing

A great piece of business writing is one that’s to the point and is in adjust with the target gathering of people. It must meet the communication destinations viably, and ought to remain centered on its purpose.

Business writing requires not only a profound understanding of the market but also quick, precise, and professional communication. Furthermore, for many kinds of business writing, innovation and an engaging style can be very necessary to advertise the goods or services of a company.

Some examples of business writing are transactional E-mail, white papers, technical content, training courses, etc.

9) E-books Writing

E-books are no different from any other kind of book but in their distribution medium, so

the main imperative to start with composing one is to choose, create, and think for one.

Writing an e-book is a great place to start if you want a steady stream of side income or are keen to take the first major step in your career as a writer.

To become a published author nowadays you don’t need permission from anyone or even support you just need to start with your ideas and think about various aspects of it. You can write a novel, publish it yourself on Amazon Kindle, and create an awesome opportunity to earn a living income.

10)News Writing

Content that is published as news in newspapers or online needs to be written by news writers. Nonetheless, an individual with a Journalism degree is preferred for this writing

You have to create incredibly insightful news that the readers can understand in the best language. The news should be written unbiasedly and should be rationally inferred.

Good news writing starts with accurate reporting and accuracy. As a news writer, you can try to address all the basic questions in the first two or three paragraphs regarding any specific incident.

11)Social Media Writing

In recent years social media has become a tremendously valuable medium to connect with anyone all over the in content writing

With millions of dynamic months to month clients, and inconceivably different base of clients, and reach to essentially each corner of the earth, it’s clear why the different stages within the social media family, extending from Facebook to LinkedIn, have stood out as such important and significant places to share content. Social media writing depends mainly on the consistency and duration of the material you publish.

It is all about dedication. You have got to be valuable, you’ve got to be curiously, and you would like to be relevant. The regularity of quality content is the key to victory on social media and social networking websites. If you don’t have a solid content plan, no one truly cares what you’re doing.

Whereas social media makes a difference in understanding what your target gathering of people truly cares almost and could be a basic apparatus in content dissemination, the content that drives your whole social success. But standing out within the swarm requires a sharp understanding of how each stage works, information of your audience, awareness of the brand, and the capacity to nourish the stages with your content.

12)Script Writing

Scriptwriting is the method of composing stories within the screenplay medium. Scriptwriting is writing down the script, movement, acts, speech, and character dialog in the screenplay medium.

Script Writers write for movies, television, video games, and even web series online today.

In hopes of selling their screenplay or finding an agent, scriptwriting may be done for hire or on speculation.

Unlike other content, the content of the script can be ready for audible or visual dissemination to any audience anywhere and can be reproduced repeatedly without exhaustion by brand message. It’s the piece of content that becomes unforgettable just because of a good writer.

Responsibilities of Content Writer

To start your career in content writing you must be ready to take responsibilities and try to execute them in the best possible way. Here are some responsibilities of the content writer:-

  • Conducting in-depth -research on industry-related subjects to create unique content for publishing both online and in print.
  • Organize the writing schedules to complete work drafts or finished tasks within the deadlines.
  • Communicate and assist with the creative team including campaign managers and editors for advertising campaigns.
  • Develop content on different topics for articles, blogs, social media, product descriptions, videos, and the company website.
  • Use of search engine optimization (SEO) and conducting keyword research to increase traffic and for the online visibility of the website.
  • Ensure that the content is written is pertinent to their organization and is sufficient for the readers to create their interface. Should write creative and eye-catching titles.
  • Brainstorm with the publication group for unused thoughts and methodologies for effective and unique content.
  • Proofreading content for mistakes and irregularities and Altering and editing existing content to make strides coherence.
  • Track and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to offer recommendations for enhancement.
  • Should be able to identify the customers’ need and should suggest new content to fix holes in existing company content.

 Content Writer Salary in India

Whenever you think to start your career in any field the first and the foremost things which come in our mind is about salary or the income which you are going to get.

Fair to emphasize, stop looking at the content writer as a “job” and begin looking at it as an ability that you simply can convey regardless of where you’re and who you’re. Content writers are in great demand in every sector, and they are paid for their skills and expertise

career in content writing

So, in case you’re trying to start your career in content writing in a Level 1 city, anticipate your salary to begin around Rs.15,000 per month, and it can go up to Rs. 25,000 per month depending on various factors. After 2-5 years of experience and expertise with your skills, you’ll move that number to Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000.

When you have 5+ years of experience in writing, this means that you can handle a team of writers to run the company’s content marketing and the prospect of improving your role to the team leader is also open. And you can hope to get a salary of Rs60,000 to Rs 70,000 per month.

But Technical writers are in high demand and it is higher paid than any other writing.

Technical writers are mostly hired by technology-based companies and their salary ranges between Rs50,000 – 1.5 lakh a month.

As a freelance writer, your salary depends on your writing skills, experience, and productivity. If you are fresher you can earn from Rs8000 to Rs 10,000 per month. After having experience of some years, you can earn from Rs20,000 to Rs25,000 per month. It all depends on the dedication and quality of work that you are providing. If you spend quality content on customer-specified deadlines then you’ll certainly get more work and money.

Apart from all this, there are some factors which can affect your salary. They are-

  • Years of experience you have
  • Job responsibilities you are handling
  • Job Location
  • Having freelancing experience or any other projects
  • Your writing skills
  • Type of company you join

Pros and Cons of Content Writing as a Career


  • You get to work from home or as a freelancer. You can work from anywhere at any time as per your convenience.
  • As this is the booming industry, so plenty of works available. Companies, organizations, or even small businesses require content writers.
  • There is a huge demand for content writers at present, so you can get good opportunities with a handsome salary.
  • Over time, writing skills, vocabulary, and fluency in a language develop. As this market is growing it provides the opportunity to develop the skills required for new kinds of projects.


  • Content writers need to provide a good writing to their employer or the client Even if it doesn’t strike the writing muse. Sometimes it becomes a very tiring and monotonous job.
  • There is lots of competition in this field, so you have to best in your skills, ideas, and thoughts.
  • Getting started can be difficult. Learning the ropes, building a portfolio, attracting customers, and networking will take a lot of time and energy
  • This job is flexible but you need to stick with the deadlines.


Content Writing has enormous potential. In case you’re searching for a knowledge-intensive desk work that requires inventiveness, Content Writing is one of the leading choices for you. If you give your dedication and hard work in this field then you can make a very good career in Content Writing.

Many writers don’t take this profession seriously and squander their time in accomplishing targets like assembly word counts. If you’re genuine around your career, never utilize short-cuts. Don’t duplicate and glue from other’s content as you’ll be caught and may indeed get ended. Work step by step and gotten to be an expert writer. In the long run, it’ll assist you in different ways. Independent of the development of the economy, your career will continuously sparkle on the off chance that you’re an expert writer.

Always try to develop your skills. The more you will write the better your writing will be. Yesterday was the best time to start writing, the second-best time to start this writing today. So, just stay focussed, and begin your journey.

The points discussed above will help you to understand the different perspectives of Content Writing and you can begin your career in content writing.

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