Product Description- A Smarter Way To Enhance Your Merchandise

Do you know that your way of defining your product in your online store can make or break your sales? 

What if only you use the image and not the product description to describe the product?                       

Will it bring traffic to your site?   

Oh no, So many question marks!

But not to worry. Here, you will come to know how to enhance yourself to become a smart product describer starting from the products until the ninja tricks to have a wonderful Product Description. Whatever I have researched that I have elaborated here.  

Let’s first come to know something about the topic———-

Can you read the title which I wrote, that is, How to enhance yourself to become a smart product describer? Instead of this, I could have simply written Product Description. Which one sounds good, the first sentence of the second one? Accurately, the first sentence sounds good. It explains to develop the skill for a better product describer or a merchandise describer. But not the second one.

Now the next expressive point is to know about a product. A product or an item can be anything. The item can be of a pen, dress, bag, vehicle, electronic apparatus, book, DIY object, any food item, cosmetic, kitchen item, dairy, agricultural, etc. There are so many to say about various types of items which we can see in our surroundings and which we use in our day to day life. Half of my life went using and experimenting with various types of goods.


But I rejected many goods and did not use them maybe by seeing their cover or description or maybe I am very choosy by nature. Certainly, the explanation of the item must be very boring to read or the appearance may be very uninteresting. Well! Let me tell you I am a very quick reader. I don’t have the patience to read an explanation if I feel it’s uninteresting. But we should get to the point that our entire life is preoccupied with the products starting from day to night or seasons. We all are sandwich between items whether we are using that item or not.

The curiosity point is how to explain or describe the product? So that people like me will show great interest to read the item’s explanation and will be forced to buy the item too. So let me keep some of my points to explain what I have experienced while going through finding an item. When we are marketing our product the powerful weapon is our description. Tie a knot of my words. It is none other than describing beautifully about an item that will attract a customer or a shopper. Before that let’s first come to know what is a product? And what a product description is? Gradually we will come to know much more stuff.


What is a Product?

From the Oxford dictionary term:
• “A person or thing produced by or resulting from a process, as a natural, social or historical one.
• “The totality of products or services that a corporation makes available.”

So we can understand from the definition that a product is an object or any item which is made available for the customer’s use. A product can be as tangible or intangible.

The next question which is arising is what is a Product Description?

A product description means a statement explained in words or sentences in a much attractive way so that a customer or shopper can understand it and in marketing terms, he or she can able to show a willingness to buy the item.

It is very well quoted by famous personalities:
Steve Jobs said that “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”
Calvin Klein said that “The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product.”

Now we understood the meaning and definition of Product Description. But we also need to know what the purpose or goal of writing Product Description? Why a customer will visit your site? Without knowing its motive we cannot proceed further.
So let’s come to know its purpose.


The main purposes or goals of writing a product description are——-

  • The main purpose or goal is to explain about the product and why a customer or a shopper should buy that item.
  •  It should fix the customers’ problems by explaining the material.
  •  A unique way of writing about a substance can increase the curiosity level of a shopper.
  •  Your site will have a complete set of images, an explanation of objects and Its wonderful look will help your site to drag traffic. Gradually it will optimize your sale.
  • With the help of an attractive presentation and correct form of description can help the e-commerce brands to increase their sales.
  •  By writing the best explanation of an item on your website will help your customers to visit again and again.
  •  The best description will help you to stand unique from other sites and that will drag good traffic to your website. Now, you can understand why you need to write about a material which you are selling on the website. Your best explanation about the material can likely help you to succeed along with your good quality of the material.

Is your page only telling or selling?

You must be thinking which should you create – Product Descriptions that tells or Product descriptions that sell? Very confusing is, isn’t it? Let me make it clear. Through my research I came to know that 20% of online shopping fails because of the result of missing or vague product information and some 80% of customers, rate the enclosure of product content makes it critical when making the buying decision. Most importantly, you should find out which one your website visitors or customers are willing to see? Too many websites are there who are telling the customers about the products only instead of motivating or selling them to buy. But a great description has the power to convert a normal shopper into a revenue-generating buyer. That will benefit you.

But there is a difference between telling and selling. Let’s understand better through an image example:

This product is about the heel worn by women which is describing the product wh

This product is about the heel worn by women. This image I have used from EVERLANE website and you can visit from its direct link.

This Everlane website is an American clothing retailer that sells online. It also sells Women’s and Men’s: Shoes, bags, accessories alongside clothing. Their explanations of the materials are very lively and fashionable too. Here, once you undergo the image. You’ll come to understand the impressive words or phrases used while explaining the heel. Such as, “treat with protectant”, “All. Damn. Day”, “elasticized back for extra comfort”. These words or phrases are very customer friendly. This product has given the user-friendly information to its potential customers that they have. Writing a correct approachable description will make your product appeal to the consumer or customer.


There are some excellent and on the opposite hand some horrible product descriptions. A really good explanation of materials will clutch visitors but a horrible explanation of materials will divert your customers elsewhere which will be an enormous loss for you and no-one will wish to reduce their traffic. For that, you ought to know the difference between the simplest description of a cloth which can increase your traffic and therefore the worst description to avoid doing any mistake.

Before you sit to write, you should keep some points in your mind to understand a real and dull description. Have a glance at the points:

  • At first, you ought to know what you’re eager to write. You ought to have a radical knowledge of your product. Then only you are ready to write some sentences on your website. During a bad explanation, the merchandise is going to be something, and therefore the explanation is going to be something else that will create a nasty impression on your site.
  • You should know what sort of visitors will land on your site. For example- if your product is a few jackets meant for teenage or young mass then an oldster won’t show interest by browsing the reason. So have thorough research on your visitors or shoppers. Some sites aren’t ready to drag traffic because they do not know their customers.
  • Just recollect that your visitor will visit your website just for a maximum of 20 seconds and a minimum of 10 seconds. The moment your visitor will visit your site that’s the capturing moment for you to carry him or her for your product selling otherwise you’ll lose your potential customer. So your explanation of the fabric must be very attractive.
  • Make your material explanation very unique. You’ll find an enormous rate of competition on the web and in every site materials are described very attractively and uniquely from one site to a different. Use eye-catching phrases, words, sentences, etc. that is the competition you’re getting to face. So make your explanation very traffic oriented.
  • Your explanations of a product got to be very informative. You’ve got to offer proper and proper information about your item. All the knowledge should be intimately so that the visitor can understand the item. It should be user friendly.
  • The image speaks louder than words. If you really need a customer should land on your website and choose your displayed item then you would like to specialize in the image projection of the item. At first, the customer gets interested in the item by seeing its image. Next, he or she is going to read the outline. The image must be a transparent picture. It shouldn’t be hazy otherwise the customer won’t love it. A nasty product description won’t contain the good quality of a picture.
  • A good Product Description will always specialize in selling than telling about the item.
  • Now let me show you through images about good product description and bad product description which will assist you to know alright.

This is about good product description

Here, the merchandise is described intimately. A customer who doesn’t know anything about the Lenovo Vibe X2 4G will ready to understand and can wish to buy if it fits his or her pocket.

This is about a bad or dull product description

Here, the merchandise description isn’t very informative intimately. The customer won’t ready to understand many features about the merchandise except its name, price, and EMI facility. therefore the customer won’t show interest in buying this item.


This image is about how to write product description

While doing my research on Product Description, I came to understand that explaining an item may be a big challenge and therefore the moment you convince your potential customers then you’re DONE. It’s so interesting to watch the simplest side of an object that’s been explained so artistically that it positively increase the worth of it (object). The customer gets mesmerized by reading or watching the video on the fabric which is presented so creatively ahead of him or her. Product Descriptions are often on books, fashions, sorts of furniture, watches, jewelry, T-shirts, kids apparel, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, home decors, bags, etc. I mean ” WHAT NOT ” we are describing to sell the things. Your powerful writings will create a door for the visitors who will land on your website and can become a possible buyer for you which will only happen from your creative and effective means of the outline of products.

Now, let me share some ninja tips with you to know the way to write an outline which will be very effective for your website.



Sit calm and believe your items or materials that you simply are reaching to display on your website. Then think who is often your audience or visitors for your materials? you recognize you ought to always ask inquiries to yourself and your answer is going to be right ahead of you. You would like to believe some questions in your mind. Like—-

  • For whom the merchandise is for—whether for teenagers, young or adults, or any gender-specific?
  • How the people did visit your online store?
  • What are they curious about or fascinated for?
  • How do they feel the item or material is?
  • What characteristics are good to travel for your potential buyer?

For instance, your product page is selling detective and mystery books. But the customer who has landed on your site is showing interest in action and adventure books. So he or she is going to search the books category and can get your store and can start checking out the specified section. That person won’t have an interest in your detective and mystery books because he’s checking out the action and adventure books. The one that has come to your store has come to shop for action and adventurous books that you simply got to figure it out or specialize in them. Otherwise, you’ll lose a possible customer. You would like to know your customers’ choice and psychology.


How good or how qualitative is the product that you simply got to explain in your product page. Remember this! Your customer cannot touch the fabric online but your descriptive words should touch the customer or visitor. So your center of attention should get on featuring the advantages of your product. So before you sell your product, list down the features and its benefits. The foremost important isn’t mislead YOUR CUSTOMER.  Let me show you through an example within the sort of an image—

  • This is about how to benefit from the product description     This example is from the AMAZON website. For better vision click on AMAZON, you will get the link. It’s about Samsung Chromebook. The key features are :

    It features a Wi-Fi facility and its size is an 11.6-inch display area.

    • Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual-Core Processor

    • 2 GB DDR3L RAM 16 GB Sold State Drive

    • 2 USB Ports: 1USB 3.0 + 1 USB 2.0, HDMI Port

    • Built-in-dual band

    • See price within the cart

    • Free shipping facility

    Here, once you undergo the outline it’s described how this laptop is different from traditional laptops. It’s very delicately taken care of the customer’s emotions, knowledge, and advantage of the merchandise.



You would like to inform your customer of an honest story about the merchandise to emotionally bind him or her. You’ll emotionally convince your customer by telling an excellent story. So once you are writing an outline you would like to think

  • How this Product goes to be employed by your customer’s everyday life?
  • HOW the merchandise goes to form a difference in his or her life?             

Try to give the vision of the merchandise to your customer. Remember—the more they need an emotional reference to the merchandise the more likely they’re going to buy. Some emotional and power keywords like no-obligation, certified, proven, guaranteed, remarkable, best-selling, jaw-dropping, amazing, forever, bold, lifetime, protected, verified, etc. The facility words will develop an emotional reference to the customer. So use your best judgment and emotional creative words to catch your customers.


I personally never read an extended description that I wrote at the start itself. I feel too boring reading such a kind of explanation. Therefore, I can say that folks only read the general description of an item. They do not have much time and patience to read paragraphs after paragraphs after paragraphs about an item. So you’ve got to form your explanation on the fabric very short and straightforward to read the simplest part is that if you

  •  Use the bullet points and short sentences while writing.
  •  When you’re writing the facility words just dare the words so that the visitor can pin his or her eyes on them. For example—bold the “LIFETIME” word.


You want to know your customer’s needs and what problems are they looking to solve? If your product isn’t solving the matter then you’ll lose your customers and traffic too. So undergo your content again and again before posting it. Observe the problem-solving area.
For example, jewelry doesn’t solve any problem but it’s the necessity for both men and ladies. Women wish to wear it and men to love to wear it and also wish to gift it to his woman. Overall jewelry is liked by both the genders.


Your next query must be once we are writing a superb description to catch the eye of shoppers then why can we get to specialize in image display? Well! Let me offer you a transparent picture. Your customer will first get glued to your site by seeing the image only. That’s a fact. Your product image is far more important than your description. A well and clear image of your product will attract 60% of consumers. Therefore you’ve got to present your product image more clearly.

Let me share some tips for clicking a beautiful image:

  • You can add quite one image and from different angles for the higher clarity of the merchandise.
  • You can click your item in a very creative way and may set its resolution and may upload the pictures.
  • Always remember—take a picture for your customer satisfaction not for your satisfaction.
  • Blurry and low-quality pictures will instantly drag your customers to other sites. you’ll add infographics.
  • You have to always customize your online store from your product images.
  • If possible keep the background of the image white so that the image will look prominent.Go through this image. Is not it looking wonderful?

Here, I’m sharing the link also so that it’ll become easy for you to travel through the merchandise example.

  • See how beautifully the image is shown projecting within the center alongside a little icon like images for a far better view.
  • The product description is additionally started with eye-catching titles and heading.
  • The features also are well illustrated by specifying that the merchandise is out there in four different colors.
  • It has bulleted the features.
  • The overall description isn’t in the least boring rather interested to read.
  • This is the simplest display of a picture with a superb description.

Now, I shall conclude my words.


Product Description is the most vital aspect of your website. It is a skill that you simply need to learn. It’s a really challenging part for you. But I m sure you’ll build many successful pages with none fear. To be an honest or excellent product describer you would like to read more others’ descriptions for inspiration. They’re going to assist you to identify your audience’s language and what features they’re trying to find. RememberPRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT!” Think creatively and use powerful words to tug the eye of your potential customer. The way to describe your product is totally supported how creatively and uniquely you’ll display it. Think visually, use attractive images. Remember – ALWAYS BUILD AN HONEST RAPO TOGETHER WITH YOUR CUSTOMER BY NOT GIVING VAGUE PROMISES AND NOT LIE THEM.

I have given far more information about a few Product Descriptions. Hope this subject goes to assist you in building a superb Product Description page.


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