Has the fascinating world of blogging got you hooked up? Do you have the passion, the rhetoric, and the knowledge to influence people and make life easier for your target audience? Then what is holding you back? A relevant and lucrative idea? Read the whole blog to drown into the ocean to search for your own trending blog topic.

What is blogging, and how it works?

Blogging is a piece of informative post that is self-published based on your discretion. It works on a three-step formula: target audience, problem-solving, and subject matter. In other words, a blog post manifests the content that solves the problem of the target audience.


Understand that a great piece of a blog is good for nothing if it doesn’t reach out to the requisite audience. Therefore, the success of the blog post wobbles on the brink of the target audience. You have to get into the shoes of the reader and write as per their comprehension and requirement.

What is the current trending blog topic?

As a beginner, the predominant problem that stands before you is to choose the trending blog topic idea for your blog. I am sure, after all the research about blogging, there would be thousands of ideas stirring up your mind. Yet, making up the mind to pick any one of them is a challenging task. Don’t you feel the same right now?

Are you stuck at this stage? Not able to put a finger to a trending blog topic that would take the target audience by storm. Don’t worry! Take a deep breath and read the whole article to pick up the most suitable topic for your own blog. 

To kick start your career, it would be a great option to jump on the bandwagon. Therefore, here is a platter of 25 trending blog topics at your discretion. Go through their essence and add your flavor to turn it into a lucrative blog.


Covid-19 may have impeded this trending blog topic for a while, but the intermittent unlocking is sure to provide the offset boost. 

Now, before talking about it, I want to tell you, a blog doesn’t rank in a single day. It takes a few months, so, in that case, it may be an on-target blog idea. 

Who doesn’t like traveling? Personally, my family usually plans a trip in and about every six months. For a smooth and swift trip, a designed plan is a must. And that’s where the incredible travel blog comes into play.

If you love to explore and have immense travel experience, then make your readers go bananas! 


Okay, tell me honestly-How many times do you actually read a manual that comes with the products? I suppose hardly any time. Raise your hands if you agree?

The truth is that people don’t have time to read the small scripted manual these days. What do they do instead? Just google the steps they are stuck at, aren’t they?

Here comes your blog that can do wonders if you have the knowledge and ability to guide the process of installation or any other services. 

WikiHow is a robust example to authenticate its worth! Check it out now.


The evergreen idea for a blog is a food blog. One can put a halt to anything, but can you ever stop eating. No! Never! 

If you have that Masterchef inside you and consider your kitchen as a chemistry lab, then season your love on this trending blog topic.


At the same time, you can also opt for clubbing the restaurants that are worth a visit on your blog. 


Junkie-addiction and bad habits had extensively affected our health and painted a gruesome image of our body. In such a catch-22 situation, the COVID-19 status quo is a blessing in disguise. It has been an eye-opener for our degenerating health.  


In the quest to optimize immunity, people have shaken hands with health and fitness. An apt amalgamation of brisk workout and proper nutrition on your end would fulfill all the requirements of a sublime blog post idea.

Enliven the fitness freak in you and show your commitment towards your target audience.


From plain to polka dots, from florals to embroidery, and from body cons to flares- fashion changes countenance every season and every year. Distinct body types, color, and culture are compatible with divergent personalities. 

Your rhetoric approach of simple, trendy, or stylish fashion can develop into an ultimate fashion blog. Your fashion facilitation can change the outlook of any person along with wardrobe transformation. 

People from all realms, especially: college-goers and office folks are eagerly waiting for your savvy opinions. I’m sure you won’t disappoint them with procrastinating more. 


Indeed, the contemporary world has foreseen “do-it-yourself” or DIY in the spotlight. The innovation of ordinary, useless stuff into the unprecedented handicraft- grabs the attention of many and thus, puts it into the category of trending blog topic. 

Any type-of modernization that converts a scrap into something productive comes under its arena. Let’s say, for example; the transmutation of an oversized obsolete T-shirt into a sexy top or utilizing waste products to concoct an exquisite gift. 

If the unique artist in you can remodel and refine the waste materials into fabulous crafts, then this blog is for you. Under those circumstances, your friends and family will be super proud of you that you are efficiently utilizing trash. 


To begin with, the extent of education and career is deep-seated. Children and adults realize the necessity of acquiring learning at any stage of life. Moreover, in the present scenario of COVID-19, online education has taken a front seat.

English and other languages have always been in demand time since. From evolving language skills to gaining competence in grammar you can facilitate people with your knowledge and proficiency. 

Contrariwise, you can become a foster parent to the ones baffled with the immense career options as one transit from school to college. At the same time, you can also opt for providing online training. 

Education and enlightenment encompass a gamut of options for you, which will be in pursuit forever. Knowledge increases as you share it, so hit the button if you are capable enough. 

Don’t you think if you possess the right cognizance but fall short of apt platforms to share it, then self-publish is the impeccable choice to reach the masses?


Hustling through the working life, people entreat the reviews of everything before hitting the button. From book to web series, from restaurant to hotel, from appliances to online shopping- people’s discretion is based on the reviews.

The prudence of scrutiny and assessment can culminate in a splendid career path for you. All you have to do is try something new and explicit its experience with a flare of words. Sounds interesting?

TIP: Don’t rain on someone’s parade by being too condemning. Appreciate the efforts while maintaining the integrity of your opinion. 


Before digging in, let me uncloud your ambiguity(if you have) that lifestyle blog and personal blog are two disparate entities. Do you want to know how?

The meager difference is that while a personal blog is reminiscent of your diary writing, a lifestyle blog has a wider gamut. A lifestyle blog curates the interests and abilities of a blogger’s life that provides valuable content for the target audience.

Within the realm of possibility, your life and empiricism can prove worthwhile to set an example for your target audience. All things considered if your profound participation and substantial experiences have the potential to inspire others-then anticipate mainlining lifestyle as your blog.


Who doesn’t want to look attractive and glorious? Almost everyone fantasizes about impeccable skin and plump-pouty lips, yet they remain unattainable owing to the harmful pollutants, scorching sun rays, and dust. 

Every now and then, one can’t afford a salon treatment. Consequently, one needs home remedies to procure smooth and supple skin. That’s where your blog comes into play and win hearts. 

Incorporating home remedies as well as their counterparts in terms of the market-based product would be the crowning idea for this trending blog topic. If you are conscious enough and love exploring and experimenting with your skin, then put your heart and soul into it right away.


Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any other precious occasion- gifts are a mandate, but who knows what to gift to whom? Whether one wants to celebrate love or make up for one’s mistake- one embraces gifts to show their love and care.

Primarily, people often run out of ideas to discern befitting and appropriate gifts. What do they in such a situation-seek an online aid? That’s the most effortless option? Isn’t it? 


Thus, transform your innovation and talent to create a leading-edge blog and outlay exquisite gift ideas to help build strong bonds and be the reason for someone’s smile.


The hustle-bustle of the 21st century has made us work fingers to the bone. We become so busy that we don’t get time for ourselves also. Even if we wish for we can’t increase the hours in a day, it will have 24 hours only. 

In such a situation, if your blog speaks out about the life hacks that our time-efficient and makes things more productive, then who wouldn’t be interested in that? 

Likewise, you have to live up to their expectations and work miracles to augment the hours in a day. Literally, it is impossible, but implicitly you can make it possible. 


Within the confines of this blog, your aim and thought-process should work to make life easier for your target audience. Share with them surreal ways to make conditions more manageable and suggest better ways to do things in a time-constraint atmosphere.

Flatter them with your ideas, and you will have a bulky fan following soon.

13. NEWS

Nonetheless, we want to be up-to-date in terms of News about our nation and world, yet our busy schedules barricade our newspaper or TV time. How do we stay updated then? With the help of online News. Agree?

As a consequence, the News blog finds an indispensable space in the trending blog topics. You must have heard about apps like-Inshorts that are influential and recognized for their short and crisp News.

If you opt for this blog, you have the leverage to illuminate your audience with the latest News in brevity. Make sure you only share relevant News with proper authentication to have a positive impact on your audience. 

Also, your mass communication degree may help you out with this one! 


There are innumerable bloggers across the world. Are all of them renowned? Obviously, no! Some of them ace the race, and they deserve an appreciation for that, don’t they? 

Let’s say, for example, “Top 10 food bloggers“. Now, how will it help others? 

Let us understand that. 

Due to its dual positive nature, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your target audience. First of all, it lauds the hard work and dedication of the leading blogger. Secondly, at the same time, it sets an example for the beginners to find the right choice for inspiration and motivation. 

It not only helps a beginner acquire proper guidance but also keep him or her modernized according to the trends. 

Accordingly, pull it off if it’s your cup of tea.  


Another blog that is in fad nowadays is home decor. Why? Let us see that!

Our home is a replica of our personality and lifestyle. In obvious ways, we want it to be fabulous and alluring. 

Moreover, people feel drudged with the same obsolete outlook of the house. They fantasize about a whole new perspective of their home that makes it worthwhile and magnificent. 

Your innovation and out-of-the-box ideas for home decor can entice their presence on your blog. Embellish your blog with adorning ideas for the home decor and make them visit your blog frequently.  

16. WFH

Amidst the COVID-19 status quo, WFH is the new normal. Yeah, we need to live with that fact for a while. But is it mandatory to forebear the same monotonous WFH that makes the work tedious and tiresome within the everyday home environment? 

A big NO! Here the WFH comes into roleplay as a trending blog topic.


A WFH blog can propound unprecedented ideas for the creation of a conducive environment at home, which will make work more provocative and fun for your target audience. 

I know you can mend congenial ways to mount a change of scene for your readers and provide an original zeal for work to them.


Tea maybe love for some, but coffee is life for many.

Any coffee lovers here? Count me in! 

As we know, coffee is a perfect booster to trigger our minds to work even through a monotonous day.

From dates to office endeavors, coffee is our desirable and congenial companion. It spurs us to work in mysterious ways and give our best shots. Don’t you agree? 

Hence, a coffee blog is an in-thing. A mundane brew of coffee with a pinch of yum essence to valorize its flavors can work miracles.

 Try it out yourself!


Life is fraught with ups and downs, and sometimes it’s hard to handle our moods. Especially in the present-day scenario, our disposition is crudely affected. 

In such a predicament, who has time to probe and play songs to uplift their mood? If one gets a hands-on ready-to-play playlist at just one click, one would be highly contented, wouldn’t he? 

So if you possess a good taste of music, then this blog idea should be the ace priority for you. You can add a playlist covering disparate moods and moments to drive more traffic to your blog.


Whenever a person conceives of stepping into new terrain, one premediates proper research to become well-aware of the pros and cons of that arena. 

Having the relevant knowledge, you can guide your target audience properly. If you can convince them that you know the advanced substance, they would be more earnest and hooked to your blog. 

Also, be ready to clear their copious doubts and justify the questions popping out in their minds. 

20. DIET

The unhealthy habits and extra fries have surely spoiled our diet as well as our shape. People need to get back in shape to be ready to face the world after the lockdown. At the same time, immunity-boosting diets are also in vogue nowadays. Thanks to COVID-19 intimidation.


If you are interested in sharing your expertise in nutrition and a balanced diet, then you should be confident to put your shoes into this blog. Spread awareness about the righteous balanced diet that is a pre-requisite for healthy living and high thinking. 


The lucrative people need the right platform to address the masses and share their journey to set an example for others. Here, your blog comes into the business.

You can conduct interviews with the achievement holders and fabricate interviews with them to represent the struggles and ways to overcome them in your own life. 

Make sure to weave and elicit the interview in a logical and constructive direction. Additionally, let the interviewee do most of the talking. It could be a prodigious idea for a blog post.


The Sushant Singh Rajput case had shaken the world irreverently. Not only this case, but many suicide cases in and around the world have triggered a debate on mental health issues. 

It aroused a lot of thought-provoking in the minds of the readers on how to deal with mental health issues and stay motivated in the relentless times of the current state of affairs. 

What is required in these times is-compassion. In case you feel that way, then show your capability. 


Do you know a lot of people are unwilling to pay huge fees or feel intimidated to consult a psychiatrist? You can be like an angel to them and their family.

If you’re competent on a psychological basis, then create a blog on this trending blog topic. A lot of people seek your guidance to get their life back on track and keep their spirits alive. 


The swift race of life has put an end to our reading and valorization of knowledge. Who has time to read a 1000 page novel in the 24*7 busy life?

In such a state, one can find refuge in a short fictional story that would keep one’s soul viable.

On the other hand, short stories are precisely indispensable for kids who desire to develop reading habits. Fascinating stories enhance their reading obsession. 

Furthermore, if your vision and variation can grab the attention of an editor or an agent, it may render a jumbo kick-start to your career as an author. 

This one has a lot to offer you!


Unlike the precocious times comprising of joint or extended families, nowadays, nuclear family parents are more dependent on google to thrive as a good parent. 

How to treat a baby? How to decipher the intent of an infant? How to incorporate good habits into children? And many more such questions are on the minds of the newbie parents. 

If your scope of cognizance is vast on the subject of parenting habits, and you are confident enough, then make an effort to alleviate the parenting experiences of newbies. Draw more traffic to your blog with original and unique ideas.


This one is an overwhelming and trending blog topic in the contemporary world. Nowadays, people buy any products based on their reviews.  

If you are an explorer corresponding to diversity in products and possess precise discretion, then this is a wise and feasible option for you. 

Additionally, if you can coax your target audience into buying stuff by clicking on the links on your blog, you can also benefit from the Affiliate marketing. 


As a matter of fact, you need some reliable tools in your backpack to aid you throughout your blogging journey. 

No, here I am not talking about house tools like a screwdriver. LOL!

Most specifically, I am emphasizing software tools to open a window of options for you. 

Wouldn’t it be easy-peasy if you know what people are literally searching for? What questions do people seek an answer to? 

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

That is to say that, tools like Google keyword planner, Buzzsumo, Buzzfeed, Quora, etc. will facilitate you about the keywords and ideas that are prominent in the searches. 

At the same time, you can walk through your competitor’s website and encounter the articles that are ranking and shared across additional social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.


Given all the arousing ideas and tools, the table is set for your discretion. Choose wisely and be prudent to seek far-fetched goals. Also, keep one thing in mind that a single topic or niche cannot interests everybody. So focus on your target only and don’t baffle your mind with confusing thoughts.

 All in all, blogging is indeed a conscience option provided that you put your heart and soul into it. Blow life into your blog and let it speak to your target audience. 

Believing in the maxim- “Good thing comes to those who wait.”, put your resolution and perseverance to work towards your short-term goals to outshine yourself with each growing step.

Yes, you can do it! 

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