Iim Skills Vs Henry Harvin Reviews Who is Best (Updated 2022)

About this Article: This article is about 2 Known Content Writing Institutes IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Course Comparison.


Content writing is one of the most required skills for businesses today. The significance of content writing has reached the same level as that of copywriting.


With the rapid rise in the number of high-speed internet users in the last 2 decades in India and across the whole world, the way people search for products and services has changed dramatically. 


Earlier, when people required a solution to their problem, they asked their friends, family members, or neighbors, for any products or services. They searched in yellow pages and telephone directories. In these telephone directories, there was no detail except the name of the business, their address, and their phone number.


 The details they got from their friends and yellow pages were mostly unsatisfactory to decide whether the service would be good or not. 


But with the rise of the internet, when people need a product, they first make a google search. Google is a search engine, and there are others like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc.


When a user makes a search engine request, the search engines visit all the websites present on the web to find the most relevant content to the search request made by the user. But the search engines only search the websites by the content written in them.


This is where content writing comes in.


Content writers decide what content is written on the websites. This content can be anything from blogs, landing pages, newsletters, social media posts, and so on. This content may be promotional or informative, depending upon the purpose.


More often than not, this content is designed in such a way to encourage the reader or a site visitor to buy a certain product or service. 


And this is the reason why content writers are needed so much in the industry today. 


A big chunk of businesses has only started to realize that through content writing, they can increase traffic to their websites and then try to sell to people.


This traffic is completely organic, ie. there is no active spending on the advertisement to promote the product. The only money spent is on making the content which is drastically low compared to spending money on ads on television or newspapers or magazines.


Content writing is a cost-effective way of marketing. And there is a huge requirement of good content writers everywhere.


Content writing is also a popular choice of career for many people. This is due to the following reasons:


  • It is easy to start with content writing if the person has decent writing skills.
  • Content writers can work from home. You can also work while traveling as long as you finish assignments on time.
  • Good and expert content writers can be paid anywhere from $1-$2 per word. 
  • This is great for people who are experts in their field and want to earn extra income by educating other people.
  • This is also a great source of income for students, housewives who have 3-4 hours of free time a day.


Why do you need to learn content writing?


The popularity of the internet and smartphones have changed the way people search for and do business.


Most businesses are coming up with their websites to leverage their online presence for the business. Online channels form a significant portion of customer acquisition channels today and they simply cannot be ignored.


Not only customer acquisition but online space is used for all kinds of activities like communication, payment, shopping, learning, etc. When there is so much economic activity going on the internet, how can businesses overlook that fact?


This is why businesses are developing their online strategy. In this strategy, there are blogs, infographics, social media accounts, videos for Youtube, and much more. The sole purpose of this strategy is to drive sales and aid in the growth of the business.


Websites have various demands from the written content. It is the responsibility of the content writer to know these demands and fulfill them in their written content. Here are a few reasons why content writing is a great skill both for a full-time career as well as part-time. 


There are many forms of content like video, jingles, social media posts, blog posts, but all of them contain words. Words build a brand. Words tell the audience what the brand does, what the brand’s values are, what the brand attitude and motives are, and how the brand is perceived among the people. Words are the soul of the brand.


The written content is what gives meaning to the customer which ultimately informs them about the product and how it may help them solve their problem. Good content builds consumer awareness, customer acquisition, and retention, and helps in product differentiation.


It is also important for getting organic traffic. Most customers find out about new products and services through search engine results. SEO helps in ranking a particular content high on the search engine results page SERPs.


How do you rank high? According to Google, the only thing you should concern yourself with is writing good and relevant content. But there is a problem with this advice.


What content is considered good and relevant by Google?


As we see, just writing content is not enough. Many factors also need to be kept in mind. Some of them are:

  • Is there a demand for your content?
  • Are you providing detailed information?
  • What are your sources for the information?
  • Searching the right keywords for the content.
  • Is your content better than the content already ranking for that keyword?


Depending on the niche, there can be thousands of articles on the web that deal with the same topic. As much as 75% of the clicks are made on the first three results. And hardly anyone goes to the second page of the SERPs.


There are 10 results on each page, so if your content is not in the top 10, you can forget to get organic traffic.


There is another issue of getting backlinks without which it is hard to beat the top content in any niche.


As it seems, writing content that ranks is tough. But it doesn’t have to be.


This is where content writing courses can help you.


Content writing courses


The best content writing course can help you learn all the techniques of content writing. It is simply essential if you are looking to build a career in content writing or even thinking of writing part-time.


Certification is important to separate yourself from many other people who call themselves content writers today but have no decent content writing skills.


There are many skills related to content writing that you can learn in a content writing course. These are:

  • Find a suitable niche that has potential.
  • How to create a website
  • How to write content consistently and never run out of topics
  • How to write content that is being searched
  • How to use online content writing tools
  • How to find the right keywords
  • How to get backlinks
  • How to write in a promotional style
  • If you have a business, how to use content to drive sales
  • How to create content that people read and share


Now that we have learned about the importance of content writing courses, let us learn and compare two of the most popular content writing courses, Henry Harvin Institute, and IIM SKILLS.


IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Reviews


Both Henry Harvin and IIM SKILLS are leading content writing coaching institutes that offer some of the most popular courses.


Both institutes claim to have taught many industry professionals as well as students and full-time content writers. Henry Harvin, as well as IIM SKILLS, have expert teachers who have experience in content writing themselves.


Both of them have more than 5 years of experience in the content writing industry.


Now let’s learn about them in detail and decide which content writing course is better. 


Let’s start with Henry Harvin Reviews


Henry Harvin content writing course

who is better

Henry Harvin is a renowned name in the field of content writing. Their content writing course is also considered good among many professionals.


Their office is in Delhi. All the course material is provided from their Delhi coaching center.


The course contains 32 hours of online classes that teach you all about content writing. The topics include:

  • Niche selection
  • Keyword research
  • Developing basic language skills
  • Creating a content strategy
  • WordPress
  • How to use free content writing tools


Henry Harvin provides the course material access for 1-year after your course has ended. This way you can clear your concepts by watching the lectures again. All the theories of content writing can be found in this course.


However, you also get projects through which you can implement what you learn in the classes. Henry Harvin gives students assignments that can help them learn and practice their content writing skills. As we know, to develop any skill, practice is important. Therefore, the course trainers provide full support for any doubts or problems students have while practicing as long as the course is going on.


IIM SKILLS Content writing course

who is better

IIM SKILLS is a premier coaching for content writing. Their content writing course has also trained thousands of industry professionals and the course material is constantly updated with changes in the Google ranking algorithm.


They have their headquarters in Delhi but have regional offices in many cities in India as well as abroad like Dubai and Singapore. IIM SKILLS have trained people from over 30 countries.


IIM SKILLS content writing course is taught by content writing experts who have had a decade of experience in content writing and know the content marketing industry inside out.


IIM SKILLS content writing master course is a highly rated content writing course that is preferred by many candidates who are new as well as have some experience. Many have worked in their industries for years and want to start content writing to teach their expert knowledge through writing articles and blogs.


The course is practical oriented and contains 16 hours of live theory sessions but 60 hours of practical sessions. In these practical sessions, the trainers teach the secrets of creating a successful blog and increasing sales. The skills you learn at IIM SKILLS content writing course are:


  • Setting up a website
  • Web design
  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Finding keywords that are in demand
  • SEO
  • Promoting your blog
  • Using social media tools like Facebook Ads, TweetDeck, Buffer
  • E-mail marketing
  • Using content writing tools like Ubersuggest, answer the public, and many more
  • How to find jobs as a freelance content writer


The course material at IIM SKILLS has lifetime access. You do not need to pay any extra amount for learning more as you can always watch the lectures again.


IIM SKILLS course is a more complete course that offers additional skills needed for a new content writer like web development and design, using keyword search tools, finding a niche where they can build a business, and using social media and other channels to promote your blog.


All the skills that a content writer needs to know to create and promote their content can be learned in this course.


Now let us compare IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin content writing course point by point. 



Review Point  1. Course Structure 


Henry Harvin: 32 hours of live sessions + assignments

IIM SKILLS: 16 hours of live sessions + 60 hours live projects


Here we can see that Henry Harvin provides 32 hours of live sessions which is higher. However, learning theory is not the best way to learn a skill. A skill needs practice. There are already many resources online for free that claim to teach content writing by giving free content writing tips but do not show how to use them in real blogs with real results.


Google constantly changes and updates its search algorithm that it uses to rank and display search results. This happens every 3-4 months. This makes it important to update any content writing course material to also update their strategies.


So, even though in quantity, Henry Harvin has longer theory sessions, IIM SKILLS provides complete skill development. After the content writing course at IIM SKILLS, the candidate is ready to start working instantly. 


At IIM SKILLS, their major method of teaching is not theory but practical-based. This is why project hours are long. IIM SKILLS uses projects to demonstrate content writing techniques. This way students can learn from live examples and results rather than theorizing inside a classroom.


Review Point 2. Number of Skills


Henry Harvin: Niche selection, writing tips, keyword selection, SEO, choosing the right keywords, WordPress, content writing tools


IIM SKILLS: Web development and design for a blog, niche selection, SEO, keyword selection, using social media and e-mail marketing, content writing tools, writing skills


Here also, IIM SKILLS is a step ahead of Henry Harvin. In addition to content writing skills, IIM SKILLS also teachers students how to promote that content in social media channels as well as e-mail newsletters by getting people to subscribe.


It is important to write good content, and both courses claim to teach those writing skills. But it is difficult to teach writing skills in a few weeks. That is based on practice. But how to write in a promotional manner can be taught and both courses appear to teach that. 


With IIM SKILLS, you learn abilities that get you the certification of content writing from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot. These are the most widely recognized certificates for content writing.


Review Point 3. Internships


Henry Harvin: Provides internship opportunities to candidates, employment assistance

IIM SKILLS: provides internship opportunities, employment assistance, skills to find freelance work


The purpose of learning any skill is to find work that pays well. Without providing work opportunities or assistance, any course is incomplete.


Both courses here provide employment assistance to candidates after certification. Both courses offer internships to selected candidates for easy induction into the world of content writing. IIM SKILLS offers 100% placement guarantee.


IIM SKILLS also teaches candidates how to find freelance content writing work. This way they can keep finding work even after their internship ends.


Review Point 4. Access to course material


Henry Harvin: 1-year access

IIM SKILLS: Lifetime access


Content writing is a skill and needs practice. While working candidates may come across challenges where they may need to go back to the resource materials and relearn the basics.


Many times it happens that students cannot find the course material because they do not have the membership anymore. This way they feel cheated because when they have paid for a product once, it should be theirs always. It is unfair to deny access to that product.


Both courses offer access to course material, however, IIM SKILLS offers lifetime access to all the course material. Once you have bought the course, all the material is accessible forever. IIM SKILLS is one of the very few institutes that offer such a generous policy of lifetime access.


Review Point 5. Course format


Henry Harvin: online and offline

IIM SKILLS: instructor-led online


Technology has advanced so much today. Every work in the world is being done remotely. There is already a movement where many people want to work from home as well as study online. This is why so many learning platforms have emerged in recent years.


All you need to learn about content marketing is a laptop and an internet connection. There is no need for getting out of the house and waste your time in transport and get so tired that you cannot focus in class.


Taking advantage of this advancement, both content writing courses offer their classes online. Here students can learn through live lectures in the comfort of their homes.


Online classes are also great for people who do not live in big cities and have no good learning facilities available in their towns. With online classes, even students who live in remote areas and towns can learn and compete with anybody.


All content writing work is done from home. So if the work is itself online, why should classes not be online?


Keeping this thought in mind, IIM SKILLS has invested all its resources and trainers in teaching students online. You can watch live sessions that are taught by instructors in real-time and raise doubts that will be discussed there itself.


In this section, Although Henry Harvin offers more, it is not something relevant. 




Based on the above comparison between the Henry Harvin content writing course and IIM SKILLS content writing program, it is clear that both institutes provide an excellent education for anybody looking to start their career in content writing.


However, IIM SKILLS is a step ahead among both the good institutes. IIM SKILLS teaches candidates not only to write good content but also how to promote it.


This is important because 99% of bloggers blog because they either want to earn money from a blog or promote their product and get more sales.


If it was only a question of writing good content, it would have been easy to become a successful content writer. But in addition to that, it is also important to market and sells your content.


Selling requires knowledge of the market. Before you make a product, it is important to know whether that product is even required in the market. Does it have a demand?


To sell your blog or use your blog to bring more leads, it is important to learn how to look for topics that are searched more. To do this, you need to learn various free and paid content writing tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Answer the public, etc.


If a student is looking to find freelance content writing work, it is necessary that a content writing course also teaches that in the course itself. This is what IIM SKILLS do. They realize it is not just about learning but how to use those skills learned to find work and earn money. 


With IIM SKILLS, you also get lifetime access to the coursework and skills that get you the certification of content writing from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot. These are the most widely recognized certificates for a digital marketer.


We recommend the IIM SKILLS content writing master course between the two courses however it is advised to join an Online Demo Class at Both The Institutes. 

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