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Writing is a powerful way of defining the idea, experiences, and information from one generation to another generation. It becomes an enormous industry nowadays. There are elementary Steps for enhancing content writing skills. content writing and its type for example Technical writing, Academic Writing, Creative writing. These are some essential skill sets that required in any writing.

Content Writing-

The content writing is writing, editing, creating the text according to the requirements, and fulfilling the particular objective. When we talk about content writing earlier, it has a limited scope. But nowadays it becomes an enormous industry. It has vital scope for making carrier. Content writing can be online and offline, too. There are Traditional types of content writing.

Types of Content Writing

Type of content writing

1.Technical Writing

2.Academic Writing

3.Creative writing.

4.Communication and marketing writing.

5.A publication based and editorially based.

6.Instructional designs

7.Research and report writing

8. Writing on corporate social responsibility

9.Business writing

10.Press release writing

Again, it has several types of writing in today’s world. We can describe it in online content writing and offline content writing. Here are some writers who work for online writing:-

Types of Online Writing



type of online writing

  1. Blog Writers-          Handles blogs, articles, interviews, research, etc.
  2. Brand Journalist- The brand journalist is the one who looks after the branding of different brands. He highlights the quality of the articles. He does it with the help of using unique ideas for advertisement. It includes brand stories, consumer stories, questionnaires, bulletin, internal marketing, Company job representation, etc.
  3. Copywriter-A copywriter works with website copy, infographics, traditional print media, product description, sales report, etc.
  4. Ghost Writer-A ghostwriter is perfect for articles, e-books, white papers, thought, leadership, off-page content.
  5. Technical Writer-It includes How-to Guides, FAQ, Instructions, Manuals.
  6. Social Media Writer-It hence with the content as follows Social media posts, Quizzes, Interactive content, Platform-specific content, PR outreach.
  7. E-mail Writer-An email writer creates the newsletter, Drip campaigns, transaction emails, sales nurture, customer nurture.
  8. Script Writer- A scriptwriter is the one who designs the screenplays, creative ideas for marketing videos, the script for broadcasting the advertisements, the script for online radio broadcast, the script for films.
  9. Long-form Content Writer-Along form content writer crafts- eBooks, Data studies, white papers, Case Study, Pillar blog post.
  10. Ad and Promo Writer-It includes advertisement copy, Direct mail copy, Landing Pages.

Each kind of writing completely depends on the individual writer.  The writing profession is a very creative profession. The writer should know about his niche. So he can write creatively and express his views. There are some key features of any kinds of writing-

31 essential  skills for enhancing the writing skills

31 skill set

  1. The Content Writer must dynamic in writing–   The content writer should know about the various content writing and the style of writing. We can take the example of writing blogs. It is a writing which is conceptually based on the writer’s opinion and the experiences. It is used for marketing to write for a product review and creating the customer feedback report. The purpose of this writing is increasing the sale for l product and services. So, the writer should know a unique writing style which that can apply on the web for achieving the objectives of writing.
  2. The content must be original-This is the essential skill in a job of content writing for every writer. If a writer cannot be original, it loses his value. Companies hire professional writers. The purpose of this profile is only for this industrial enhancement and to get the privileged of benefits. It is to be said that the Idea can change the image of any brand So writing for branding is the very creative side of writing. If it has been found copied, the big loss of money for the company. The writer may lose his job too.
  3. The content writer makes sure about the uniqueness of content (Plagiarism)-There is a software available on the internet, that is used to test the identical content on the internet. A writer must be familiar with these kinds of software so that the published content can be checked to avoid duplicate contents.
  4. Correctness must be there with context- The Writer must know the content which he is delivering to the reader. It must not be incorrect in any manner because the reader is reading it for some purpose. The content must be grammatically checked with the software that helps in checking the correct form. The examples he is adding on, they must be clear, relevant to the topic, understandable for the readers so that the readers can get themselves connected with that article directly. There must be a logical connection between the writing pattern and the context using by the writer.
  5. The content writer must have a clear focus on his vision and mission of writing-The content writer must know about the objectivity of writing. For example, in academic writing, if a writer writes a question paper series on sociology it has a clear aim that question paper must contain the question according to the pattern of the exam. Randomly asked questions in the question bank, There is no use of that content for achieving the aim. The writer should write the content to attain an aim. It doesn’t matter that the aim is informative, cognitive, Reflective, qualitative, or quantitatively.
  6. SEO Friendly and researched based content for commercialization of the content-Online category content must be based on research. It is necessary to be SEO friendly for writing content online. Without SEO the content writer cannot have any idea that whatever he is writing, it is in demand or not. If it is in demand or we can say the search volume is higher to it than the writing has, so it has worth else no worth is there. It is as simple as in the offline world that we are publishing a book without doing the advertisement for it.
  7. The content title must be attractive and crisp-  The content writer should know about the importance of the good and crisp title. If the content title has the crisp and some emotional value, so the reader will automatically click it. It is like a Cover page of any book if it is more attractive than the chances of selling are increased by itself. We can take some good selling book’s title like Sitah-The Mithila Warrior–this connects to the Indian women by itself because of some emotional value. Or in the online article –    5 steps to make mom’s special Laddoo because Mom’s special Ladoo has an emotional value.
  8. Welcome for reviews- The content writer welcomes the review. No matter, it is negative and positive. The approach must be about it acceptable. If the remarks are positive, must be followed by having the habit of good writing concept, If it is negative, Writer needs to improve his writing skills.
  9. Content must be in a logical and structured form- the content writer must know the basic knowledge to start the content and develop the process to make it interesting for the readers. We can take an example of any book written, In the book writing, the Writer must contain the sequence from the introductory chapter to the concluding chapter. Without the sequence, it becomes the Massy for the readers. And there will be no use of that book.
  10. Keep watch on competitors- The writer considers the market too. He should know about the market. He should consider the demands of the reader for example–for class 12th Students, it is good to write about career management rather than any philosophical book. The writer must write about for which he has the expertise or had the experience. If a teacher writes about mechanical engineering it will not work, but if a mechanical engineer writes about engineering, it works well.
  11. Editing must not be followed while writing-The writer must not do the editing while writing. It distracts the writing idea and thought about the topic. It creates a distance from one sentence to another sentence. It’s good to do the editing after writing. It should not be done while writing.
  12. The content must be of pertinent matter- The writer makes sure that whatever he is delivered in writing, it should be proper and pertinent. In academic writing, the book should consider the syllabus of an academy.
  13. The content writer must be active on various social networking sites In online content writing, this is an essential skill for writers. The Writer must be familiar with social network marketing. It helps to spread the article on social media. It becomes the fast ranking process and gets a great acknowledgment from the readers.
  14. Distinct WritingThe writing must be clear about the aim of the reader’s point of view and concepts. Distinct writing is always appreciable by readers because it has logical phenomena for everything. If a technical writer writes about technical writing in a technical writing book and he is started with an explanation about academic writing, another form of writing. It will become inconsistent. The worst practice is to write when a writer doesn’t know about the content and topic. The content must be distinctive by writing a clear definition of academics. It must be explained with the help of pictures and charts, so it becomes distinct for the readers.
  15. The content must be briefly explainedThe writer should focus on the main content. For example, in academic writing, if the writer needs to explain the social structure in India, he should not include political awareness, the writer can include the political environment that affects society. But an individual topic can not be explained in the social structure. The writer must be able to differentiate the topic explained, Brief the topic according to the need.
  16. The content must be written in simple EnglishThe writer should aware of the basic principle about communication. Communication is the process by which the sender can send the message and the receiver can get the information. It is good to know for the sender if he knows about the language of the receiver. So in every kind of writing whatever type-technical, creative, academic writer should contain the comfort of the reader. The language must be used as simple as it can be. Now every content writing is having an online purpose. So the simple English language must be used by the writers. So that readers can get the actual message while reading the article. By doing so, the writer can get the aim of writing.
  17. Content must be full of information–  Writing the correct content is not an effortless task. The writer should consider that after reading the article reader must get clear information so the reader must achieve the aim of reading. If a reader wants to know about technical writing, the reader must achieve the goal after reading the guide of technical writing. He should get the information about technical writing because he invested the time to read the article.
  18. The content must focus on branding or reviewing the reportsThe writer should write the content according to the need of a client. The writer must know about the customer review report process and how it can be used for a good brand image on the internet and offline media too. The writer should know about the online and offline process of branding. A single wrong word can demolish the complete brand image. It must be careful while writing the customer review report. It is not suggested that the writer should hide the actual report if it is negative–We can take the example of a famous Derma company, product Skin kraft-When a lady gets a less pigmented skin after using the product but on wrinkle, it is not effective. In that case, the writer should be highlighted about the pigmentation product category. This is the correct use of the writer while writing the customer review report or after-sales report of the customer for any product and services.
  19. Deliver your honest opinion and experiences. When the writer writes about the research question in academic writing, it is important to write and deliver honest opinion and experience, because as we all know the language is the only tool that we can use for transferring culture from one generation to another generation. It doesn’t matter; it is technical, Informational, scientific, educational, and social. The writer must be honest about his writing. It has to be a clear aim while transferring the information from one to another.
  20. The content must continue the frame of referenceThe content must be a continuous frame of reference–For example, if we talk about the legal studies book of class 12. It has the chapter -contract law. In the contract law, there must be a reference to the particular article by which the application of the law is applied. For example–A/c to contract law who can make the contract. A person who is 18 years old, in which section it is mentioned? So this is the reference of that particular content. This is an important aspect of any kind of writing. When the writer includes the reference in his writing, the writing work becomes clear, prominent, and valid for the particular domain. It is a good practice of writing this way.
  21. Don’t get cramped The writer must not seem uncomfortable in writing. When a writer writes an article, so he must be prepared for it. It should not be done that randomly on anything writes. He should do proper research and make a magnificent structure of writing work. If the references are required, provide them and arrange them in the writing pattern. If a writer does the complete homework before going to write anything, the result is a clear, logical structure. So it’s a mandatory habit of any writer. Do the homework before writing about anything
  22. The content must have a brawny vocabularyYes, another important ingredient of good content writing is to use a good and correct kind of vocabulary. It doesn’t mean that one has to use tough language and bad vocabulary. It means the content must be in the readable form from every side. It includes the grammar, the word vocabulary, the tone, all the things matter in it. In the technical writing have to use some technical context. How to use that context in the article This is the beauty of correct vocabulary
  23. The content must be based on curiosity and depth, researchThis is called professionalism about writing if the writer is going to write doing no depth research he doesn’t know about the future of that article. So the writer must do the complete research of the market and for the content too. Both kinds of research are essential before writing.
  24. Broad knowledge and proficiencyThe writer must proficient in his subject. If a professor of Hindi writes a book on Hindi literature, it is his niche and proficient field. But if he writes the book on cricket, then it has the flaws in his book. Before writing, the writer must know about the subject and topic and he must check his competency in it.
  25. Supple and compliantThe content writer must make sure about the content which he/she is writing should be flexible with the topic on which the content has written and easy to understand to the reader
  26. The content directionThe content direction must be in the flow of easy to tough, known to unknown for every kind of writing, and the sequence of content must be the medium. It should not take long and useless sentences. Content must flow according to the matter. It covers every point of the subject while elaborating.
  27. Stick to your nicheThe writer should write according to his niche, Find your skills, set your niche, and write about it. Don’t make a mess with the market demand. Yes, it is necessary to know the monetization of your niche and specific talent, but it should not be that if you are a mechanical engineer and a car garage owner wants some technician, the mechanical engineer will join the same. No, he should not join. He should do the work according to its experiences and expertise, not the demand of the market. Yes, he should work according to the client, but it has specific criteria.
  28. The content writer must aware of latest tools There are some technical aspects which include in the profile of the content writer. These technical skills are WordPress-is the tool for using the design on the website.HTML-is the Hypertext Markup Language, again used to create a static web page, through CSS–Cascading Style sheet. The cascading style sheet is a short macro used in designing the website for the same discipline. SEO Search Engine Optimization yes, it is an important tool of Content writing. After writing the content on the web or any website. One should promote the content on the internet,by which mechanism this work has to be done is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It has so many tools for doing a different job for content online
  29. Devoted to readingThis is the essence of this profession, the habit of reading, observing everything.He Wants to get the answer like why what and how to. These are the basic skill required in a content writer. When a person has so many questions he needs to get the answer and he is ready to read the articles and newspaper book for getting his answer. This habit makes the writer.
  30. Dedication to writingWriting is a creative task, and it has some basic skills like knowledge, the representation skills of pieces of information and content. It requires more time and research. If the writer doesn’t do the research work before writing, the quality of content will be declined, so it is necessary to have dedicated to the writing. Every kind of writing has its specific process, A writer should know about the writing process and follow that process strictly for monetizing the writing.
  31. Good content must be assertedAll and over the good and required content must be asserted. The writers must consider this point while writing that the language, the tone, the phrases, the information, the data and the context to prove your logic must be clear, concise, and logically structured form. Good content means valuable content or information is always looking by readers, so the writer should consider the target audiences too, and write the content according to them, after that the marketing of that content is based on the target audiences.



While concluding this that all the above said features are the most vital part of content writing and if we mishandled any of these, the motive of our content gets derailed from its aim, hence fore, the content writer must be smart enough while describing the content on the topic. Therefore, it is advised to practice and focus more on these important features to become a good content writer.  


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