Who doesn’t want to carry a pocket-friendly device which can do all the works as a computer? Instead of that ,Are you carrying your heavy gadgets wherever you are going? Do you know about content writing for mobile devices are possible? How can you better utilize your mobile device or smartphone for writing your content? How can you attract your audience to read your piece of content from their mobile devices?

 Are you getting any solution from the above-mentioned problems?

Well! There is a solution which can solve your problem and that is your mobile device. Yes, you heard rightly. The biggest advantage of a mobile device is that you can able to have your mobile wherever you go. You can write content for mobile devices and can  track your site visitors traffic etc get from a small, portable, and wireless mobile or you can say featured phone. Will, not that work wonderful? You can use the mobile device for writing your content. That will be much more hand’s free and lightweight device. You will no longer feel burdened handling your heavyweight device called laptop or forcefully staying at home and writing your piece by using your immovable or heavyweight desktop or laptop.

In this context, you will come to know –

  • Mobile technology: Benefits and drawback
  • How to boost your audience to read your content writing for mobile devices?
  • Will content writing for mobile devices ever rule the world?

Before we go to further details, let me give you some information about content, content writing, and writers, good content writing tips for the mobile audience and write content for mobile devices:

CONTENT is the information or piece of a topic that is expressed by writing, speech, enacting, and drawing, dancing, etc through some medium such as television, radio, books, e-books, cinema, internet, magazines, and live measures. You can understand more about content from this(source ).

CONTENT WRITING means writing any information or topic on your website. Your piece of content can make or break your sell through online. The way of defining your product in your online store can make or break your sales. For further information about how you can make your content or description workable, you can go through another article on Product Description. Here, I am sharing you the (link) 

CONTENT WRITERS are the writers who write relevant information for the websites. They write the content in such a way that attracts the audience to visit again and again. The writers must know SEO friendly keywords. You can read the entire details about content writers from this (source).   

Let me clear your vision that going digital or online has provided the world with an equal share of good and bad.

Mobile technology: Benefits and drawback —–

When you are willing to start your own business or you are already in it, remember whatever smart way of technologies is available to grab it. It will be an advantage for you. One of the topmost technology is mobile technology. It has changed the world of online business. You can track your updates anywhere you are- maybe in a restaurant, shop, at your friend’s birthday party, etc. Every day the technology is changing and the world of online business too. You can track your visitors and can instantly respond to their call any time and anywhere.

Mobile technology is well illustrated by the great people:

  1. According to Robert Gadd
 – “MLearning has vastly more potential than eLearning. Modern mobile devices are highly sophisticated and easy to learn and use technological appliances that make it practical for virtually anyone to perform old tasks or learn new ones using one physical device in a multitude of ways. Mobile is a Swiss Army Knife of functionality in a device that fits in every pocket or purse.”

  2.  According to Prof. John Traxler – “The phrase ‘mobile learning’ portrays it as a version of learning, the mobile version. It ignores the transformative effect of mobility on the nature of learning and of learners and on the wider society; it might be easier to see not as the mobile bit of learning but the learning bit of mobile and mobile is the defining characteristic of our societies. ‘Mobile learning’ seems too often preoccupied with enhancing the existing curriculum for the existing institutions and their professionals and maybe extending the reach of the existing education system.”

Let’s understand the various benefits that we get from mobile technology————


Mobile technology allows having better communication in business sectors whether they are big or small. It includes the ability to upload and downloads any information, continuously updates of your site even if you are traveling, can keep track of your audience movement in your site. Besides this, you can respond to the feedback given by your potential customers. You can connect to the world. So a to and fro communication goes on through mobile technology or device.


 You all must have remembered the NOKIA SNAKE game. How we all were playing it through a small screen of the window. It was a very interesting game in the initial years. Now, you all are familiar with the word PUBG game. That game is played with a much bigger screen than the older days phone screen. The mobile phone has always been a source of enjoyment for the people for years by years. The latest update is that the PUBG is banned in India and now a new game is going to launch in the market that is FAU-G (Fearless And United: Guards) game.




When you are going out on a trip or somewhere else, your mobile phone is always with you. It acts as a safety gadget for you. Like if you lost the track of your route you can navigate it through GPS tracks and can get to know the exact route. You can also do the emergency call to your near ones if you face any problem.


Nowadays, your data or information gets transferred from one mobile device to another within seconds. The data can be images, videos, documents, etc. Even the information is received within seconds. This sending and receiving the data are done across the globe.


Let’s come to know some drawback of the usage of mobile technology———


Though it is a very easy going device it creates some disturbances. The continuous sound of notifications, emails, messages, calls, etc not only creates a disturbance for the person but also for the people around him who often listen to the sound or ring.


It is pointed out by The National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH)     ( link )that the main cause of hazardous accidents is by distracted driving. The drivers while driving become unmindful while attending any call from the mobile which leads to loss of life. On the other hand, excessive use of mobile can damage your eyes, sleeplessness, and infertility.

  • CUT OFF —

Mobile technology has indeed connected the people who are a far distance from us. But it has also disconnected people who are around them. If a person is too much into his phone will hurt his relationship.


Though the mobile device is very smart to handle and pocket friendly it has a smaller screen where your audience will view your content with very smaller texts. That creates discomfort for the user.


BOOSTING CONTENT FOR MOBILE AUDIENCE                                   (source)

Globally mobile devices are preferred devices for the customers to perform their research works and online sellers. Research shows that sixty percent of mobile device users have a complete dependency on mobile stuff. There is some kind of approach which will help the readers to engage themselves in the content displayed on a small screen:


As more Internet-based traffic is coming from mobile devices  (link), it becomes helpful for you to focus on your writing, editing, and producing your content. In other words, it is called reader engagement. It means understanding the requirements of your customers and presenting your ideas with constant communication. Your reader’s involvement can be observed by knowing how long they are on your site.


It is a fact, that your audience will not read your content in the mobile device in the same way as they were reading from the laptop or desktop or even from the magazines, books, etc. But if you go on editing your content it will drag the audience on a smaller screen too.


Though there are no such rules while writing a piece of content whether to write long sentences or short if you write your content within 20 to 30 sentences or few words it becomes easier to read especially on a small screen like your mobile device.


Again there is no limitation while writing a paragraph. You can write a longer or shorter paragraph depending on your format. But as mobile devices have smaller screens than desktop computers, your audience may feel discomfort and bore while reading from a small screen.


Your audience will read your content only for a few seconds or minutes. They will be highly impatient if they go on reading long sentences. So be to the point for content writing for mobile devices  like tell your audience why they should read this? What benefit will they get if they read your content? That will make them interesting readers even from a mobile device.


The readers who read through mobile devices generally look for quick information within a limited time. Therefore, avoid unnecessary sentences from your content. Use some emotional and power keywords like no-obligation, certified, proven, guaranteed, remarkable, best-selling, jaw-dropping, amazing, forever, bold, lifetime, protected, verified, etc. The facility words will develop an emotional reference to the customer. So use your best judgment and emotional creative words to catch your customers.


Write short headlines as the mobile device have a small screen which will help your audience to view properly. Shorter headlines are easier to scan.


Indeed, people won’t go on reading the entire article even though you want them to read. In that case, it is wise to use simple sub-headings so that people will directly get the information that they are looking for. Subheadings will also drag good SEO. 



THE INVERTED PHYRMID                                            (image link )

This image signifies what should you follow to attract your audience. Even if your content is the best one but if it creates boredom for your audience in the beginning then you won’t get traffic for your site.


Your customer will first get glued to your site by seeing the image only. That’s a fact. Your product image is far more important than your description. It needs to be small in shape which will be visible in your mobile device.


Do you know adding links to your content will grow your organic traffic?

Only writing good content is not going to help you!! You need to add links to your article. Those links with other sites need to be related and trustworthy. It is one of the most essential elements for a successful SEO strategy or approach.


It is the final step before publishing your content. Go through your information again and again which you want to share on your site. It should be mistake-free and will appear good.



Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first publicized handheld mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC model on 3 April 1973.MARTIN COOPER of Motorola

When mobile devices were first launched they were limited with SMS, calls, and games. But gradually it has shifted to a digital world and made our life and the corporate world much easier. Sellers now can sell their products easily through mobile technology or mobile device. Now the mobile device is used for GPS navigation, instant messaging, internet browsing and gaming, etc. Making use of mobile devices to enter the internet is only going to increase significantly.


(image link..pinterest)

Let’s go through the graph shown below.

average time spent by the US adults over mobile                   (image link)

This is the report presented by Yoram Wurmser, May 30, 2019, which stated that the average time spent by the US adults over mobile is much more than that of other devices. It has been assumed that in the year 2021 the usage of mobile devices will further increase. According to Yoram Wurmser’s report, the smartphone users in the US spent time with their device is 3 hours, 10 minutes per day. It is also reported that the tablets are losing their importance then smartphone devices. It is observed that the smartphone devices has remained and will remain as a dominant device for the consumer media.

This article which was published on May 30, 2019, by Yoram Wurmser has justified the question.

It has been observed that the growth of Internet usage has increased due to which Internet supplier companies are lowering the price of their services.

On July 1st, 2019, Google uses the MOBILE – FIRST INDEXING. It means that Google uses the Mobile Version of the content for indexing and ranking. INDEXING  is a process where the server crawls through your website, search each page, and stores a list of keywords that are in your website. RANKING is the order in which the indexed result appears on the result page(SERP). Earlier, the index used the desktop version for writing content pages. But, as the majority of users are now using the mobile devices they are accessing the Google Search Engines.

Most people are accessing your website from their mobile phones. But whatever they are searching from mobile devices that they can search from the desktop or laptop too. 

What is the difference then? 

The difference is that, if you want to do any business-related work or want to take any decision in business, or even you want to do any research work, you will need the laptop or the desktop. On the other hand, people are searching for quick solutions to their queries and within a limited time. In that case, they are using the mobile device.

If you are focusing your content on your laptop or desktop audience and ignoring the mobile audience then you are doing a big mistake. You are losing your prospects. Therefore you should go on writing for your audience. Your audience will very soon switch over their choice of viewing your content to the mobile device by knowing its prospects.

Every part of your content or article which is well written can be both desktop and mobile-friendly. But it has been analyzed by Nick Galov, (the latest update) that in this 2020 year the mobile internet is extremely available and affordable. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc can be easily accessed through a small device called Mobile Device. The Global Mobile Traffic is forecast to increase 49 exabytes per month by 2021 and the Mobile Internet Usage is expected to reach 77.49 exabytes per month by 2022. So the content writing for mobile devices will be an excellent idea.

In the battle of the Mobile device with the desktop/PC or with a laptop or even tablet has won with an excellent future!! After going through the research and reviews it can be concluded that the online future is great and without any doubt based on MOBILE DEVICE. 


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