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These 40 Content Writing Tools Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

Proper implementation of these Content Writing tools makes your article/blog rank on Google. Be it a Content Writer/ Blogger/Creative writer/Copywriter, acquiring the No.1 position on Google or any other search engine is a smart task. Ranking on Google is the criteria that a writer should have been skilled with

“A man’s nothing without his tools.”
― Kathy Reichs, Fatal Voyage

There are a good number of content writing tools available to have a check on our work. These tools help to deliver quality content which is more reliable and effective and thereby the web page traffic increases,

Content writing tools serve a great purpose in completing the work faster. They act as a technical backbone to publish great write-ups. Eventually, it boosts your confidence and makes you an industry expert.

Here is a compiled list of different tools

  1. Google Ad Keyword Planner: Google Ad Keyword Planner is the most widely used content writing tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You can use this tool to create ads, campaigns to rank on Google. This tool helps to check the keyword volume, competition, bidding rates, new keyword ideas. Based on the results, one can pick a keyword and create an ad if interested. This platform works free to get any keyword ideas, where one can explore more to get benefitted. If you want to run an ad or start any campaign, you should pay as per the bidding rates mentioned in the particular section concerning the chosen keyword. It is beneficial for new bloggers in the town and those who have just stepped into content writing by creating their websites as it is user-friendly.Content Writing Tools
  2. Ubersuggest: One of the best web content writing tools to search keyword, which was created by Neil Patel.  Ubersuggest has a section of keyword ideas, content ideas, traffic analyzers, and an SEO analyzer. It also helps to input a keyword with a high volume search and rank on Google. It’s a great content marketing tool that enhances the visibility of your web page by giving great keyword ideas. Once you have started searching for the keyword, you will get instant results within no time. Along with keyword related data, it also shows the number of pages that result in the same keyword research – which helps you understand the severity of competitions. You can get to see the estimated visits of those particular posts, backlinks info, domain authority, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty.Content Writing Tool
  3. Answer The PublicAnswer The Public is a content writer’s tool for proper keyword research. It looks very creative and informative. The output comes in an image format called a search cloud. You get the keyword ideas based on the related searches, in alphabetical order, comparisons, and prepositions which helps to choose the keyword accordingly. The free version of this content writing tool is available for use.Content Creation Tool
  4. WP Theme DetectorWordPress Theme Detector is a content writing tool that allows getting information on themes and plugins used on a particular website/webpage. You can check any website’s designs by using this tool. Just copy and paste the URL, and there you go with all the details about the page. It is free of cost- anybody can access this without paying a single penny. This content writing tool helps in letting you know the plugins used in websites with good traffic.Web Content Writing Tool
  5. GT MetrixGT Metrix content writing tool helps to analyze the speed of the site. It tells how good is the webpage in terms of speed. You can even check your competitor’s website by providing the URL to check how they rank in terms of speed. If you find your site is slow, it explains the reason behind the issue and helps to optimize the site accordingly.Web Content Writing Tool
  6. EMV Headline Analyser:  EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) headline analyzer tells you if the headline of the article has an emotional impact. It measures in % (Percentage). Choosing a wise headline does half the job of any content writer. This content writing tool helps to understand whether the headline reaches people or not. Headlines should be of higher emotional marketing value to get more traffic. The more the EMV%, the more the clicks.Content Writing Tool
  7. Word CounterWord counter helps to determine the number of words used in the article. The website word counter tool lets you know the total number of words in the whole website itself. There are two extra sections in this tool which are common and non-common keywords; when you search your webpage, it will show you the count of common and non-common keywords, which is good for SEO
  8. Keyword Density Checker:  Keyword Density Checker helps you to analyze the length of the article. There is a rule in Content Writing that one should not use more than 0.7% of the focus keyword in the entire article. This tool is very efficient for a Content Writer to identify if there are any unnecessary keyword stuffing or over-optimization of a keyword. The keyword density checker makes the article look well optimized. This content writing tool works for free everybody can access it.Content Writing Tool
  9. GrammarlyGrammarly, as the name says it looks after the grammatical part of the article. It has many features and offers multiple benefits for the user. Grammarly not only checks the grammar part but also tells you the clarity of the work, engagement of the article, and the delivery of the words. Based on them, you can flow your text. It shows when you make any mistakes in grammar, spelling, parts of speech errors, wrong tenses, irrelevant punctuations, etc. It has both a free and paid version. If you want the upgrade version, you can use the premium version of Grammarly, which is not free. The main advantage of using this writing tool is, it works live. You can either copy and paste the text or can do it on other applications by keeping this tool open. It does its job! Keep Grammarly extension live with you for all the grammar part. It is the best content writing tool that even Industry experts advise.
  10. Who Is Hosting This:  As the name says, this who is hosting this tool gives information on Hosting. You can check all the websites Hosting name by giving their domain name/URL. It also suggests the best hosting provider of a particular year! If you are planning to buy one, you can go ahead with their advice.Content Writing Tool for SEO
  11. DA PA Checker: DA stands for Domain Authority Checker, and PA stands for Page Authority Checker. It is a tool that shows the rank of the webpage. In simpler words, DA PA Checker tells you how old your website is, which is a vital part of acquiring the top position on Google. It measures from 0 to 100 where 0 be the minimum value and 100 be the maximum value. The more the number, the higher the position your website gets! The older your website, the more the DA. Page Authority Checker also shares the same features of DA. The only difference between DA and PA checkers is that the former measures the value of the whole website, whereas the latter measures the value of every page/content of the website.
  12. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is an E-mail marketing tool to increase website traffic by reaching millions of people. It is an excellent content marketing tool that every content writer should use. Mailchimp works by sending a series of E-mails thereby, reaches more number of people; which in turn helps to rank on Google and also uses different plugins to generate automated E-mails,
  13. Mail-tester: This tool helps to check whether the sent mail has gone to the receiver’s inbox or the spam folder. First, select the campaign followed by the template and then send a test e-mail to check the spam score. It has both a free and paid version. You can send up to 2,000 E-mails with a free account.Content Writing Tools
  14. Sender: This is also an E-mail marketing tool that helps to build the engagement of the webpage. It works the same as that of mail-tester. Allows unlimited users for every account, provides subscription forms, highly deliverable, good mobile, and tablet responsive templates. You can design or create different types of newsletters by using this tool. It helps reach more traffic. This platform has both free and paid features; the free version works well by providing 15,000 E-mails.
  15. Hemmingway App: This is a tool used for the grammar check, which highlights the text using different colors by explaining the grammatical errors. One has to correct each one of them by checking the errors. It works the same as that of the Grammarly tool. Hemmingway App is a free tool everybody can access it.
  16. Mx Tool Box: Mx Tool Box is a tool that keeps a check on spammers. It also helps to know if the mail server is blacklisted or not.
  17. Canva: Speaking about the designing part of the content; Canva serves the purpose and works for free. It has got a wide range of best-suited built-in templates. These templates are tailor-made for any content writer where one has to choose the template and edit on their terms. You can use this in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc. and design anything using this creative tool both for professional and personal purposes. Also create designs for brochure, prospectus, pamphlets, poster cards, manuals, booklets, infographics, menu, etc. This free content writing tool helps in resume preparation too as a result one can look more professional. This content creating tool is very beneficial because it offers many edit options like fonts, graphics, and HD images. It is a highly recommended user-friendly tool for designing all sorts of posts.
  18. CC Zero Images/Pexel: CC (Creative Common Images) is a tool that gives you high-quality images for free without any copyrighting issues. You can download images of your choice, justifying the content. The advantage of using high-quality images is it enhances the quality of the content resulting in gaining more traffic.
  19. Unsuck it: Unsuck it is a content creation tool that makes the content flow smoothly. It enhances the readability of the phrases in the blog posts. When you want to convert any words, sentences, paragraphs, or phrases into easy to understand alternative texts, go for Unsuck it which replaces Business Jargon (unique words or phrases used by professionals which are difficult to understand by a layman) and converts this jargon into easy common phrases’Content Writing Tool for SEO
  20. Inbound Now – Blog Title Idea Generator: As simple as the name says, this tool helps you to write a creative or a killer headline to attract the audience. It has a few templates with blank spaces for numbers, questioning words, action verbs, etc. which we should fill and update as per our blog post/content.Creative Writing Tool for SEO
  21. Hubspot Blog Idea Generator: This tool works like how Inbound now blog title idea generator does. There will be a dialogue box for the search, and you have to enter the keyword/noun to get the ideas. You can add up to 5 keywords. The results will be in two ways: one is for a week of blog ideas, which is free of cost and the other one is for a year of blog ideas which you have to pay.
  22. Describing Words – Find Adjectives to Describe Words: This tool helps any writer to explain any word with the adjectives. You get the results based on the usage frequency and popular searches which includes millions of suggestive adjectives to implement in your post/article. Describing words is more useful in E-commerce websites where one can describe the products by choosing appropriate adjectives.Content Writing Tool
  23. Grammark: This grammar correcting tool helps to produce error-free content. It only checks for passive voice, wordiness, sentences, transitions, academic style, grammar, eggcorn, and nominalizations but doesn’t identify incomplete sentences, idiotic ideas, apostrophe errors, tense errors, comma errors, and subject-verb agreement errors. Overall it is a decent content writing tool for any second check.
  24. Ginger Software: Ginger software is a great proofreading tool that provides error-free articles/blogs. It works on the errors in the text, phrase, spelling, grammar, synonyms, and contextual issues. Ginger software is compatible with all the devices and freely accessible. The main feature of this tool is, it can translate over 40 languages. Any writer can use this tool for translation too.
  25. Portent Content Idea Generator: This Content idea generator tool gives headlines for the content. When you click on each word or phrase of the headline, it tells you how to incorporate that word in your article. If you don’t like any idea, you can keep asking for a new one till you get a desirable headline. The portent Content Idea Generator tool shows a list of catchy headlines to attract the audience. You can save the ideas into your account and also view tutorials if you wish to! Once you have selected the title/headline, you can walk through the resources section, which provides details on how to rank on Google and how to optimize the search engine.
  26. Soovle: Soovle is a keyword research tool which helps to check the volume search of a long-tail keyword. You can also select any alternative long tail keyword which is best suited for the blog. Opt for your preferred search engines in the engine section at the top left corner of the Soovle page. Enter the keyword and get relevant keywords in all the search engines; based on the results, you can build the post. The free version doesn’t show the data on CPC, trend chart, volume search of the keyword for which you should buy the paid version.
  27. Google Trends: Google Trends is another keyword research tool that tops the list of content writing tools. It shows a graphical representation of the keyword search within a time frame and in different regions. It gives results in two sections based on interest over time and interest by the sub-regions. Filter the search for a particular time, categories, and different websites (youtube, image, news, etc.). There is an option called compare with which you can compare the focus keyword with any alternative keyword for the results. And get a comparison graphical representation of both the keywords. Later you can choose one based on the volume increased over time.
  28. Compressnow: This comes under image resizing content writing tools that ease the job by compressing the images making it a right fit into the blog posts. It can compress up to 10 images at once and of maximum size 9 Mb with the extensions of JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Reduce the image size to increase the website loading speed and also saves bandwidth. It is a free image resizing content writing tool used by many.Image resizing Tool
  29. StackEdit: StackEdit is one of the web content writing tools that converts texts into HTML format. It works great for web content writers/ web writers. You can use this even offline to create any document just like, Microsoft word document. It supports emoji insert, sequence diagram using simple syntax, musical scores from ABC Notation, mathematical expressions from LaTex, and flow charts. StackEdit is a Markdown editor and can sync the documents with Google Drive, Tumblr, Blogger, or Dropbox.
  30. Unicheck: Unicheck Plagiarism checker avoids/identifies any duplication of the content in the post. It is mainly for the usage of Students and Academic purpose. None the less Unicheck also helps Content writers to identify plagiarism. This Anti-plagiarism tool provides detailed information on the check and supports bulk uploads and most of the file formats. It conducts a real-time search across the world wide web and produces the result.Anti-plagiarism Tool
  31. Buzzstream: Buzzstream is the right Content writing tool for any Content writer to get in touch with industry experts through which you can get opportunities to work under them or to collaborate with them. It helps to promote the articles/posts/content and showcase your capabilities here.Content Writing Tool for SEO
  32. Google Search Console: Google search console is a must-use tool for any Content Writer/Blogger. It provides information on the stats of the blog post and measures website performance, number of visits, number of clicks, URL errors, and also shows when was the last time Google visited your webpage. It works for free and is user friendly. You can increase the site traffic by taking the inputs from this SEO friendly tool.
  33. Thesaurus: Thesaurus is a writing tool to check the grammar part and synonyms. If you are a beginner and started writing microblogs, this tool would be useful because there is no much text on microblogs. There is another tool called Power Thesaurus, which also works the same by checking grammar, synonyms, and antonyms.Tool for Synonyms and Antonyms
  34. Read-O-Meter: This content writing tool helps to provide the amount of time the reader takes to go through the post. Along with that, it also gives a count on the number of words used in the article. You have to copy and paste the text and good to go.Content Writing Tools
  35. Portent’s SERP Preview Tool: It shows the preview of how your webpage looks on the google search engine. To check this, input Title, Meta description, URL, focus keyword, and there you go! You can check how it looks on the search engine.  Content Writing Tools
  36. Infogram: Infogram gives a wide range of templates to create infographics. Infographics are the ones that reach the audience faster, and thereby your content can earn maximum shares if you picture the infographics creatively. The creative content writing tool Infogram offers many built-in templates that any content creator can access with free of cost.Content Writing Tools
  37. Haiku Deck: Haiku Deck is the software that enables ease of online presentation. You can create PowerPoint presentations with the available templates. It is not available for free, but you can take a 7-day trial and use it.Content Writing Tools
  38. Hubspot’s Free Stock Photos: This content writing image tool helps you access free images to add to your posts and increase the visibility of the site. It provides free themed photos that are of copyright-free. The themes include assorted photos, business-themed, holiday-themed, etc. You can choose as per the content of the post.Hubspot free stock photos and Pexel are the popular Content writing tools that allow free access to pictures.Tool for Free Images
  39. LICEcap: It is one of the best content writing tools for a GIF maker. Create your  GIF by using this creative content writing tool, in which one can use GIF in the post/article to look more appealing. You have to download, install, and use this tool.GIF Maker Tool
  40. Feedly: Feedly is an informative tool that keeps you updated about the latest news, affairs, trends, topics. You can be aware of current issues and create a blog post on them. It is always the best practice to write articles on current trending topics to rank on Google and reach the audience.

Tool for Content Creation
These are the best Content Writing Tools that help you rank on search engines.

Content Writing Tools play an important role in improving the stats of the posts. Keep a note of all the above-explained tools, and use them in your websites.

Using these content writing tools on the website makes your content reach more traffic, more engagement. And to all those who want to become a Freelance Writer, master these tools to enhance your skill sets.


Happy Writing! 🙂


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